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    Linux gaming thread

    I have been on KDE Plasma for a few years now, and it has options to disable Adaptive Acceleration. All recent distros that support KDE have the option to opt for a Flat profile and to adjust the cursor speed. Although I haven't checked out GNOME-based distros recently, but earlier versions of...
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    Thanks @Emrebel
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    Thank you @princeoo7 I am a junior backend developer by profession, for a company I joined recently. We develop enterprise applications used internally by other companies, most of them are written in Java/Scala. There's not much load from work these days, so I have started to learn systems...
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    Hi everyone. I'm not exactly new here, have been lurking around for a few months. Someone recommended me this place on Reddit, at /r/IndianGaming. Finally decided to create an account, as I do have a few things to sell in future. Also looking to buy stuff when needed. I am a developer by...