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    WTB 240gb ssd non dram cache model

    Need dram less ssd 240gb. Pm offers. Used preffered
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    The CES 2021 keynote that matters

    Am5?. IG it won't be coming until q3 2022. I read an article where the Am5 mobo will be having ddr5 n pcie 5 supported boards. It is speculated there will be another ryzen 6000 zen3+ on am4. It was written on site
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    WTB 1TB NVME or 1 TB SSD if anyone has

    Have a 1tb sata crucial mx500.
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    My March 2020 Build

    Not really. There are ways to get them here. We still have right?
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    FS: Cabinets DeepCool Macube 110 White 1month old

    sold the case outside TE(on FB), weirdly ad was up for so long but all potential buyers texted me the same day. Mods please close the thread
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    My March 2020 Build

    Crimper and wire striper 1.5k INR total, wire 100m 1k INR, 100M paracord say 700 INR, crimp temernals 150 INR. All from aliexpress. For this price, I made two sets of full-length sleeved cables one for my 3080 build other for a 3060ti build. Just extensions are costing like 1.9K INR in India...
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    FS: Processor Unused Ryzen 5 5600x!

    Prashant has always given these humongous discounts. You can check his sale threads.
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    FS: Video Card 3060 ti Colorful iGame Ultra OC

    Bump Item is sold outside. Techenclave. Mods please close the thread.
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    FS: Video Card 3060 ti Colorful iGame Ultra OC

    Selling my RTX 3060TI, only 10 days old. Perfect condition. Price is fixed. On par with the Strix model. reference video :
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    Nvidia RTX 3XXX Series announced

    Ya i too think 3080 is VFM over AMD. Given prices of AmD In India. Wtf dude who prices things like that. Reference model is over FE price of Nvidia. And AIBs have 150-250$ mark up and tax of 18% will be a PIA. There is. Also a greed by retailers.
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    Nvidia RTX 3XXX Series announced

    Thats some moral code. Ig 3060ti are yet to arrive specifically FE. But price gap between fe n aib is not much couple of thousands (valid only to 3060ti). If you are in urgent need buy one