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    FS: Processor (sold)Ryzen 7 5800x sealed pack

    Remove your number maybe? Use the PM route. Safer that way.
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    FS: Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 Keyboard Dock

    If I remember correctly, it connects via the proprietary connector. I might be wrong though.
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    FS: Desktops I5 5675c+Z97N-WIFI+2x8G(1866)HyperX

    For most part, I use used enterprise stuff (micro-pc boards) and use laptop adapters. The couple of these that I am using are i5 7th gen powered by 18w laptop adapters.
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    FS: Desktops I5 5675c+Z97N-WIFI+2x8G(1866)HyperX

    If there was a good case, I would have taken the full set. Was looking for a compact case (like the dell business ones), but nothing available at all. Don't have time for DIY.
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    FS: Desktops I5 5675c+Z97N-WIFI+2x8G(1866)HyperX

    What cabinet did you use with this?
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    When you want to take your OS with you, and a shit load of data and work on tablets and all, this will be perfect. Exactly my use case. Multiple PCs and several tablet devices and lots of stuff I need.. I use Linux, Mac, and Windows. I have to iPad Pros and 4 Tab S, and a whole lot of content...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    What's the damage?
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    One of my new mechanical keyboards! Wireless. USB-C. Brown Switches.
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    PC Peripherals Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming and Writing.

    Will tell you only if you like my post! Amazon USA.
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    PC Peripherals Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming and Writing.

    Okay, let me add to the stuff here. Bought some cheapo wireless mechanical keyboards (brown and blue switches), and am loving them. Also added K55 to the mix. The white one (God's Own Keyboard) has brown keys. Cherry Clones, while the black one has blue clones. I usually do not prefer TKL...
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice {Price Reduced) Gaming Peripherals (Keyboard + Mouse + Mousepad)

    Keyboard received. Feedback left. Waiting for the warranty deets!
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    FS: Laptop Apple Macbook Pro Touchbar 2019 - SOLD

    I am guessing this is 13inch?
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    iOS Note taking / writing app with specific requirements

    Tl;dr Goodnotes I would say Goodnotes since it gives you the option to set the size of each notebook. You can then export or print directly. I haven't seen page size options in Notability. There is a round about way of doing it (by creating a document of the desired size and then importing it)...