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    Audio Audiophile and gears

    Yes, these looks light weight and comfortable. Just seen some videos, youtubers showed some concern regarding lag too. I don't care about mic , calling or ANC but still I think I should skip.
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    Audio Audiophile and gears

    @ibose as I can see you're using nothing ear (1) buds , how good are these ? Fkart is already offering 1k+ discount on these,
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    Storage Solutions Hard disks running 24x7 : In your experience, what models last the longest/shortest?

    Agreed, It 's also better to buy slow HDDs like 5400rpm
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    Audio Audiophile and gears

    Guys I am looking for a pair of TWS, as I never used tws I need suggestions - Usage & preference - * Only for watching movies and OTT content. Want to get a bit cozy in blanket without worrying about wires.;) * Sound quality (aptx preferred) and comfort , I don't care about anything else...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    WD My Book 12TB Rs. 21k after card discount.
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    Airtel Xstream Fiber Experience (Direct Cities)

    As we can see, dial on demand is already unchecked must me something else.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Rs. 4700
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    Airtel Xstream Fiber Experience (Direct Cities)

    I can understand it's a different device but if you scroll or watch carefully there must be some similar option for this fix. Just try looking for various settings without disturbing any setting. I am doubtful but hopes the new unit fixes it.
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    Home Network extension

    If you connect the LAN cable from Nokia ONT to WAN on slave router then it will be double NAT ( Google Double NAT), Not recommended.
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    Airtel Xstream Fiber Experience (Direct Cities)

    Yes, I am Near Ansals Courtyard, Modipuram. I was trying for this since years and just 10-12 days back it started it my area.
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    Airtel Xstream Fiber Experience (Direct Cities)

    @all4music yes there's a setting you can try - login to your airtel router - (assumed) Click WAN tab, under PPP there's a setting called Type: make sure it's set to continuous. I hope it will resolve your issue.
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    Anything between 3-4k is acceptable but surely it should fetch you 4k which is a good price for the condition you've described.
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    Lightweight player for mkv files

    +1 for Potplayer , I also switched from MPC-HC almost 2 years back. It's interface is similar to MPC with much more customization options yet light on resources. Very capable player with no extra codecs needed, installs free codecs if required at time of initial installation.
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    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    Obviously Govt. will keep a check on food prices, someone already mentioned we can't afford another lockdown. Greedy people will surely use this excuse "Lockdown ki wajah se maal nahi aa raha" and probably may be stocking for a uncertain situation ahead.