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    FS: Home Audio Video JBL Professional 104BT reference monitors almost like new

    i also picked these up in FK sale last month for desktop casual usage. no louds but pretty nice sounding with a DAC.
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    Audio Audiophile and gears

    new stuff added :) KEF certainly are very open and engaging
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    got a new lid last week - MT :)
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    Water Leaking from an year old LG AC

    drain pipe is not connected properly to drain tray else its clogged. simple issue but very irritating. you can remove the top filter and pour some water and see, drain pipe is bent/cut/ clogged or not connected to the drain tray
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    Views on cheap Chinese Projectors this has amazing reviews and roughly 200$
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    FS: Home Audio Video Logitech Z906

    temporary checking if the speaker is operational and not temperature.
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    Audio Audiophile and gears

    indeed it was the rockbox running on the sansa clip zip and the small beutiful OLED screen in those days. the later gen sansa were not as good and neither did rockbox support them. the clip , clip+ and clip zip and sansa clip video 2 inch screen were the last good ones of the lot before they...
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    Audio Audiophile and gears

    oh yeah, how did i even forget about using the clip zip with custom OS and 16 level eq. good old days, guess age is catching up with me. used to have odac running my PSB+ NAD combo and clip zip + brainwavz M2 back in 2011-12. simpler days
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    Fought with Corona for 2+ months, but finally recovered properly.

    glad to hear, i recovered around may but it took good 2 months just to feel normal, extreme fatigue as reported by many.
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    Audio Audiophile and gears

    i still have the oDAC designed and probably made by him with collaboration with someone. bought few chips some 10 years back and found 2 sealed ones new just a few months back :)
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    Kitchen Chimney

    first thing is the hob - how big is the hob/stove. you need to identify the size of that and accordingly you will get a chimney 600/750/900 mm respectively. then chimneys basic ones start from 6000-7000 which are nothing but glorified exhaust fans. second is it an open kitchen or normal...