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    Other Broken screen kindle paperwhite

    I have been using it for more than a year no issues, as good as new.
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    Other Broken screen kindle paperwhite

    Yeah you just have a broken screen, that`s how it behaves. When my Kindle broke, i ordered a replacement screen from Aliexpress for around 1500rs and fixed it. But now that we cant purchase from aliexpress you could try dropping a mail to amazon and see what they can do.
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    Android Redmi 9 Power

    What difference does that make?
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    Passive Power Injector for Power-over-Ethernet

    It just adds power to the LAN port (the proper pins) that is all. I dont think it has anything to do with speeds, should work on all.
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    APC UPS 600VA giving sudden beep.. Reason unknown.

    I have a similar model (BX 1100C IN), and i have noticed that it sometimes beeps and the power led turns red if there is too much noise in power. we have an old 2kva motor and this happens sometimes when i have them both connected to the same line/phase and turn on the motor. See if you have any...
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    [Group Buy] Internet Download Manager - Pay before June 18

    Yeah, i have tried that. Very disappointing if you are used to IDM. The UI is a big mess IMHO!
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    A little confused about how routers work.

    I don't think you need a second router, it will Double NAT, making it difficult to reach devices within your network. Might be better to just get a switch + access point. Access points can be expensive, so you can just get a second hand gigabit router (pretty decent ones in our sale threads) and...
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    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate 2.5" 2tb laptop hdd Rs. 4150/- shipped

    Personally I feel this is essential to be discussed here, since it potentially questions the genuineness of the product posted? Am i wrong?
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    FS: Storage Hardware Netgear ReadyNAS Duov2 dual bay NAS + 1TB WD Green + New 2 TB WD Red HDD

    Received the NAS and RED drive, items as described!
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    Installation of ONLY indoor unit as a Fan.

    I dont see why not, worst case you need to bypass a relay. But why would you want to do that? the air delivery is going to be pathetic, wouldn't you be better off putting a fan or something?
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    You guys dodged a bullet, go check the reviews, especially the 1 star reviews.
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    Looking for a home UPS that is smart

    :( such a sad state. Wish there was more competition in this area.
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    Looking for a home UPS that is smart

    I couldnt get the app to see my zelio, i tried different phones, tried diff dns providers, i even tried reconnecting the battery, the damn thing didnt even blink. The 20 seconds press makes it blink for few seconds, but what the hell it is doing beyond blinking is anyone's guess. I started...
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    Looking for a home UPS that is smart

    Oh, thanks for the inputs. Overnight it has become stable. It stopped charging. Battery is at 13.5 v. So iguess it's ok for now.