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    iPhone 3Gs 32GB White with OtterBox(New in BOX)

    Hello Mates Selling "iPhone 3Gs 32GB White with OtterBox(New in BOX)" This is the Phone i was using for the last 6 Months with good care. Bought OtterBox BRAND NEW (can see in pics) for personal use, but my preference shifted to Samsung Galaxy S2. Im Looking for Quick sale & priced also...
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    Q6600+ASUS P5QPLl-AM+4GB RAM+gtx260

    Forward ur total Quote except SMPS...... im ready to take it.
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    Motorola Fire XT311

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    Xfx gtx 285

    Can PM now.... BUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!! Offer something good............. mates.
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    Xfx gtx 285

    Bump !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Xfx gtx 285

    BUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Added eBay link ....check main post. With EMI option.
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    Xfx gtx 285

    This would be the last price drop. BUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone for 7000 shipped
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    INTEL Core i7 2600K 3 months old.

    Bump !!!!!! With Price drop.
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    Xfx gtx 285

    BUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Price Drop 7800 shipped.
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    Samsung Captivate i897

    ^Its an US phone no warranty. But the phone & extras make this good at that price.
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    Xfx gtx 285

    Bump !!!!!!!!!!!
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    INTEL Core i7 2600K 3 months old.

    Bump !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Gtx 285

    ^ thanks dear Dude im selling my friends GTX 285, if interested PM me. No box & accessories but the card is in pristine condition.
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    Xfx gtx 285

    Hi Mates Selling XFX GTX 285 on behalf of a friend Purchased December 2009. With 11 months + warranty. Reason for sale upgrading. Product Condition: Very Very Good. Coz it was never benched, didn't game also. Most of the time this was in off state. Selling @ 7000 shipped. eBay Link...