1tb nvme

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    FS: Storage Hardware Kioxia Exceria 1TB TLC NVMe, 14 months old, only 3.9TB writes, DDR4 DRAM

    History: This Kioxia Exceria 1TB NVMe was purchased from Amazon.in on 16th July 2022. Used in an external RTL9210 based NVMe enclosure to offload data from the main drives. Has a 1GB DDR4 DRAM which is a very rare find at this price point. Excerpt from the TechPowerUp Review: The Exceria...
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    FS: Storage Hardware WD SN570 1TB TLC NVMe, 3 months old, only 1.5TB writes

    History: This WD SN570 1TB NVMe was purchased from Amazon.in on 31st May 2023. Used only for testing for a few hours, so it’s essentially no different from a new, sealed piece. Condition: Good as new. 100% health with only 9 power on hours. More details in the CrystaldiskInfo screenshot below...