1. C

    FS: Video Card ASUS TUF 6800xt for quick sale

    Perfectly working Temps may run little hot needing repasting Currently connected to PC so you can do testing using remote access. Selling only coz i upgraded. Bill available no box Price - INR 25000 Ex-Mumbai Warranty registered on ASUS website using serial but expired since May 2024 Location...
  2. M

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding AMD Wraith Stealth CPU Cooler

    This was used for around a month, and came with a ryzen 3600. The fan and heatsink have been cleaned well. Please note that you'll need to apply your own thermal compound since this doesn't come with any.
  3. nullpc

    AMD’s first Zen 5 CPU is the ‘monster’ Ryzen 9 9950X
  4. I

    FS: Video Card PowerColor AMD RX6400 LP

    PowerColor AMD RX 6400 Low Profile Graphic Card Purchase Date – 30/05/2022 Item condition – 5/5 Warranty – Till 30/05/2025 Invoice - Yes Box not available Price - Rs. 7500 Plus Shipping Reason for sale – Want to upgrade
  5. I

    FS: Desktops AMD Ryzen R5 3600 + B450-F Mobo + 16 GB ECC RAM + RX 580 + Fractal Meshify

    Got the following parts for sale. Consolidating my systems so these have to go. All these parts were basically part of my NAS except for the GPU which was a part of my hackintosh. 1. CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 + Original cooling fan - ₹6000 + shipping at actual Purchased around Jan 2021. Excellent...
  6. D

    FS: Processor AMD Ryzen 3 3200G APU with Vega 8 IGPU

    Quad core APU with integrated graphics Product Name: Ryzen 3 3200G Expected Price: Rs 4300 Shipping charges: Extra Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: APU Reason for Sale: Upgrading Product condition: 10 out of 10 Purchase...
  7. RockerLast

    FS: Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT

    Product Name: AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT Expected Price: Rs 5500 + Shipping Reason for Sale: Upgraded. Description: I purchased the CPU (New Sealed Pack) from a reseller in Bangalore. Although he hasn't provided the invoice, he did say "I will get the invoice from my supplier if the need arises"...
  8. M

    WTB 7800X3D + Compatible motherboard + 7900 XTX

    Looking to buy 7800X3D Compatible motherboard 64 gigs of ram (32*2) within reasonable price
  9. CeyeN

    WTB Ryzen 9 5900x or better

    Ryzen 9 5900x or better
  10. W

    FS: Video Card RX 5600 XT Asrock Challenger OC Edition

    Selling my RX 5600 XT. Bought 1 month ago for testing purposes. Box and bill included. I would give priority to local buyers from the Delhi NCR, shipping and subsequent costs would be a second option but not off the table. Please find below the pics and benchmark scores (Geekbench, Timespy and...
  11. Spidy_Tm

    Budget 41-50k Can 5600g handle(40fps high) most AAA titles without dedicated gpu

    I want to start build a pc but my budget is limited (40-45k) so I'm thinking of making the pc with ryzen 5600g and later add a GPU like rx6600 down the line (1-2yrs) is this a bad idea? I'm Really confused
  12. Ekansharma

    Radeon Re Live HDR

    Any way to record HDR videos using adrenaline software? Recorded videos always look dark.
  13. F

    FS: Processor Ryzen 3500 for sale

    Ryzen 3500 with stock cooler, original packing for sale. Bought brand new in Oct-Nov 2019. Brand warranty over. Works as it should, used in home pc. Upgraded, so selling. Local (NCR) sale preferred. No warranties.
  14. mod_to_odd

    FS: Video Card AMD Sapphire 7800XT Nitro+ GPU

    Selling the GPU as I have upgraded to a 4080 Super for higher frames on 1440P Condition is excellent. Invoice has other items also so ignore the total. Purchase cost of card was 57750/-
  15. Abhijat

    FS: Processor AMD Ryzen 5 5600x

    Bought on 13/12/2020 Selling this as I recently upgraded to the 5700x3d Original AMD air cooler unused in box Payment received from @jhononweed, tracking shared, will be shipped tomorrow
  16. mayank4823

    WTB WTB - 5700x3D

    Pretty much the title.
  17. C

    FS: Motherboard Asus rog static x570 f gaming ( 2.5 months warranty)

    Hi guys up for grabs is asus rog strix x570 f gaming . Official warranty remaining 2.5 months. Shipping at buyers risk .
  18. C

    FS: Processor And ryzen 9 5900x (2.5 months warranty remaining)

    AMD Ryzen 9 5900x brand new service center replaced unit . Sealed open only to check . Still has official warranty remaining. Shipping at buyers risk .
  19. Abhijat

    WTB Ryzen 5800x3d (preferred) or 5700x3d

    Want to buy one of the two, would prefer the 5800x3d but 5700x3d might be okay too depending on the price
  20. Prakhar Srivastava

    WTB Ryzen and Core Processors

    Looking for 3 CPUs: Intel Core i9 9900K Intel Core i9 10900T (can also consider 10900/10900K) AMD Ryzen 5800X3D Please DM if you're selling. Thanks!