1. MoviesMusicMayhem

    User Review HP Travel 25 Liter 15.6 Iron Grey Laptop Backpack - Initial Review

    Hello TE! I am not sure if this type of a review or post is allowed - but I have been looking for a compact backpack which would also double up as a carry all for shortish trip. I have been fascinated with one bag travel and am in awe of people who travel for entire years on a single 40L...
  2. buzz88

    Suggest a sturdy backpack

    Planning to buy a backpack this Prime day. Please give me some suggestions. The last few backpacks I had got worn out in 6-12 months, so I want something sturdy and good quality. Years ago, I had a Camel Mountain backpack which lasted many years and remained strong until it got misplaced or...
  3. Tanuj Gambhir

    FS: Others Brand New OnePlus Explorer Backpack

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: OnePlus Explorer Backpack (Slate Black) Expected Price: Rs 2,999/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from on 20/11/2018 and received on 28/11/2018 Reason for Sale: Need money RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd...
  4. Ankit Manchanda

    FS: Photography Brand New Unused Lowepro Pro Runner AW 450 DSLR Backpack

    Am selling this awesome Lowepro Pro Runner AW 450 DSLR Backpack brand New Unused condition. Bought this bag about a year ago but never used it. It was an impulsive purchase and just couldnt let go thinking I will use it but never did. These are the features of the bag: Comfortable harness All...
  5. D

    FS: Others Wildcraft Eiger 40 Laptop/Hiking Backpack w/ Aluminum Stay, Detachable Waist belt (4 Yrs Warranty)

    Product Name: Wildcraft Eiger 40 Laptop Backpack with Aluminum Stay, Detachable waist belt Expected Price: Rs 1900 Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: I bought this last year as a medium sized...
  6. D

    FS: Others Hiking/Cycling Backpack with External Frame + Hydration Pack [Sold]

    Product Name: Sunature 35L Waterproof Hiking/Climbing/Camping/Cycling Daypack with detachable external frame + Source 3 Litre High-performance Hyration Reservoir with Storm Valve (Foliage) Expected Price: Rs 1900 [Sold] Shipping charges: Rs 100 Manufacturer page URL: Sunature backpack -...
  7. S

    Has anybody been able to buy a Targus Wanderer backpack this year ?

    Hi all, Has anybody been able to buy a Targus Wanderer backpack this year (2015) . If yes, please share at what price did you buy it and did you get all the features ? a. Backpack b. Raincover c. Sleeve d. Large amount of space. e. Lifetime Warranty I ask as there were quite a few raving...