1. iosoft

    Discussion on Aadhaar Based Bank Frauds!

    Friends, Now-a-days, there are too many reports on Aadhaar Based Bank Frauds! Small/big amounts are being withdrawn without any Card, Mobile, OTP..... just by Aadhaar no and Fingerprint! (God knowns how they get that) Almost every day, there are news of this type of scams! This week there is a...
  2. J

    Purchased an AMD 7950x3D from Amazon (Appario) for 65K. Got an unknown, decade old CPU with a Ryzen sticker on it. The package has t seal intact. Help

    I purchased an AMD 7950x3D CPU from Amazon, which arrived in a sealed box with a visible plastic window. On inspection, it is clearly seen from the window that the CPU inside the box is a counterfeit and used product. The absence of any branding on the CPU, the presence of an unauthorized...
  3. I

    Aman Kumar, IT-TUDE Guy is A Serial Cunning Fraud & Scammer who Robbed many Peoples Money.

    Any feedback on this site ? Perhaps those staying in Gurgaon, if they are aware. All I could find was this -
  4. Colin Mark

    iOS Aggressive ads on facebook of some "smart" chargers

    Hey everyone, so I recently have been attacked by various aggressive ads and promotions on social media of the new small so called "smart" charger. They claim that they are perfect choice for Iphone users, I have no idea how they know that I am using iphone 7. So I have been approached by their...
  5. R

    Aadhar and your gmail !

    Hey All! With all the Aadhar linking to everything and your email account and OTPs sometimes being sent to email accounts hacking emails is hacker’s dream now. Just a humble reminder to set up two step verification in your "default/banking" Gmail account. Two of my team members at work have...
  6. Futureized

    Correct way to test Internet speed from local Internet provider ?

    I am arguing from my provider since last 2 months, used to get 100 MBPS via download on torrents. now max 3 mbps ?? How to do i test speeds ? Those people always use speedtest and contact local servers in mumbai only.. :( trying to proove there point.. Paying around 1600 INR a month for...
  7. Konquerror

    Fraud transaction on Credit Card on PayPal

    My card Credit Card was used for a fraud transaction on PayPal 90 days back. I disputed the charge and bank came up saying it’s a legitimate charge. What can be done now? Do I have to pay the amount or can I file complain anywhere else to challenge this? Please advise. RBI Circular regarding...
  8. seshu

    Online Consumer Mediation Center

    Online Consumer Mediation Center
  9. swatkats & Nochex payment gateway scammed me - Avoid them & Nochex review learn more about Scamster Jody Sanders: Guys own alamborghini aventador : I have a Tmobile...