gtx 750 ti

  1. Mandy_1997

    WTB Need a cheap gtx card(1050ti, gtx1050, gtx 950, 750ti)

    Need a used graphic card for gaming @720p.
  2. Mandy_1997

    WTB Looking for used gtx 750ti.

    Used Gtx 750ti preferred location Mumbai(Vasai).
  3. B

    FS: Video Card **All Sold** MSI GTX 750Ti 2GB

    All cards sold leaving the thread open for now as two of the packages are still in transit. About 3 these cards were used in mining, the rest was in different uses (3x on PC, 1x on NAS Server, 1x on Arcade emulator) and I don't know which one was which so please assume that all the cards were...
  4. M

    GTX 750 Ti or equivalent Graphic Card

    Hi, I need a graphic card please see following details: Product Required: Graphic Card GPU: Nvidia or AMD PCIe Connector: I have a power supply with PCIe connector Preferred model No.: GTX 750 Ti or equivalent. Preferred brand Asus...
  5. Mechanic

    GTX 750 Ti

    Hello guys, I am looking for a GTX 750Ti or R7 260x Graphics card in good condition, to replace my current gpu. The target price is Rs.3500 including shipping. I reside at Purulia West Bengal 723101. Post here or pm me your offers. p.s. 3.5K is the absolute max i am willing to spend, so please...
  6. O

    Graphic Cards Display shuts down and crashes while gaming MSI GTX 750 ti OC

    hello guys I have bought a MSI GTX 750 ti OC edition graphics card from OLX The seller has bought the card locally from CTC Hyderabad My Specs Intel Pentium g620 4GB Corsair vengeance Gigabyte H61 DS2 motherboard Corsair CX 600 PSU Seagate HDD MSI GTX 750ti OC edition (Previously Sapphire HD...