iphone 6s

  1. sid1712

    FS: Mobile iPhone 6S 64GB Rose Gold

    iPhone 6S 64GB Rose Gold Selling only the phone, don't really have the earphones or the charger brick. Still using the cable. The phone was used with a case and tempered glass all its life and used by my dad so its in a good condition considering its age. Battery health is 88% with no signs...
  2. D

    FS: Mobile iPhone 6s 64GB Gold with some issues (please read for details and pics)

    Selling my iPhone 6s 64GB Gold, upgrading to new iPhone. Bought in early 2016, don't remember the exact date. Included- Original box, cover, original cable and charger(not working) and original headphones(sealed and unused). Edit: Not looking to sell stuff separately at the moment, full set...
  3. A

    FS: Mobile FS : Iphone 6S 32 Gold, as good as new

    Hi Guys, selling my iphone 6S Gold color 32 gb Product Name: Iphone 6S 32 gb Expected Price: Rs. 10000 Shipping charges Manufacturer page URL: Reason for Sale: Collecting Funds for PS5 Accessories Included : Phone, Original Charging brick & Original cable, no earphones and box but will ship in...
  4. P

    FS: Mobile Iphone 6s Plus 128Gb Rose Gold

    Iphone 6s Plus 128Gb for sale. Rose Gold. No major nicks or dents on the body or screen. Looks as good as new. Full disclosure, one tiny mark on the top of the phone. Photos attached for reference. Dont have an invoice since it was bought in UK in Nov'2016. Battery Health : 76% DM if interested.
  5. H

    iPhone 6S

    Looking to buy an iPhone 6S. 32GB preferred but 16Gb is also fine. Phone should be in good condition. BUDGET: 15K-16K
  6. A

    FS: Mobile iPhone 6S 16GB Under 9 Months Warranty

    There's a small scuff mark near the earphone port. I have marked it, please have a look. Other than that, the phone is scratchless and dent free.