1. FlyingVadapav

    FS: Others Corsair CX750M (2021) PSU, Intel i5 6600K(has iGPU) + MSI LGA1151 socket MoBo, CoolerMaster Hyper 212X CPU cooler.

    Corsair CX750M is a sealed RMA unit with 30 Days official warranty - ₹4000 (free shipping) I upgraded to a 12400F and 3060Ti in July this year and decided to keep the old PSU and ram. The next day after the upgrade a component in my old PSU CX750(green label, 2013 model) exploded. I didn't...
  2. dazzwilliams

    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte B550M DS3H AC Motherboard

    For sale is a Gigabyte B550M DS3H AC (Wifi) AM4 motherboard. This was purchased by me locally in Sep 2021 from a guy who was upgrading. Lost the bill, however import sticker on box says June 2021. Purchase date is a placeholder. 3 days testing warranty Practically unused as my build plans got...
  3. D

    WTB B550/X570 Motherboard

    I am looking to pick up a used B550/X570 motherboard. Looking for one with bill, box and warranty. Please feel free to DM offers.
  4. C

    Budget 21-30k CPU + Mobo upgrade

    Hi, i recently got 3070ti and thinking to get processor + Mobo upgraded. Currently I am having 2200g with A320 asrock one with CX650m Corsair PSU, 16gb(8x2) Corsair venegeance 3000 . I have installed the GPU and i do see some stutters and frame drops in valo, sifu in 1440p ultra. Thinking to...
  5. Karthik G

    WTB cheap X99 motherboard

    Hi, I am looking for a x99 motherboard of ATX form factor. Please do not come with the chinese chipset boards.
  6. shallg

    FS: Desktops Ryzen 5 3400G with vega 11 igpu 8gb crucial ddr4 2666mhz Asrock b450 pro 4

    Hi i want to sell processor ram and motherboard in warrrenty bill box available cpu box not available and motherboard steel backplate missing
  7. X-Gamer

    Budget 90k+ Motherboard brand Suggestion

    Hi, I wanted some suggestions on which brands motherboard is a good purchase. I am planning on going 13th gen intel and was wondering if I should get a high end motherboard from ASUS. I have had a rampage 3 from ASUS and had issues with RMA in the past since there weren't many high end boards...
  8. ajish65

    FS: Video Card Sapphire RX 570 4GB, Ryzen 2700, GSkill TridentZ RGB 16GB and MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC

    For sale as listed in title. Apologies for the very brief description. Still transplanting the system so on mobile and don't want to lose the date for the screenshots. Will update with more details once the new system is up. Mobo - 6k Ryzen 2700 (including stock cooler) - 12k 7K RAM - 6K GPU...
  9. snake eyes

    WTB CPU+MOBO Combo (budget 15-18k)

    Hey all, Im looking to upgrade my cpu and mobo to either a 9th gen intel (9700k)or higher ie 10th/11th/12th gen or amd setup. Looking for at least 8 cores from the cpu and decent specs on the mobo (prefer oc capable boards in micro atx form factor) with some m.2 options so that the setup is...
  10. napstersquest

    WTB AM4 motherboard with 6/8 SATA ports

    All SATA ports should work while using nvme ssd. Probably cheaper x470, X570 or B550 boards. Most b450 won't have the bandwidth for 6 ports when nvme ssd is installed. Edit: Some boards like Asrock B450 Steel Legend, B450 Pro4 (ATX) support nvme ssd + 6 SATA ports active at same time. So those...
  11. H

    AMD Ryzen 9 Vs. Core i3 10100

    I am upgrading my CPU and motherboard and am really struggling to decide between the Ryzen 9 5900x build and the Core i3 10100 build for my budget gaming (1080p 60fps) plus freelance video editing PC. Will paying a bit more for Ryzen worth it for my needs. I see that Ryzen 9 5900x benchmarks...
  12. jmaniac

    Laptops Service for my old Laptop Motherboards

    I have a Old but not so ancient HP Pavilion Laptop and for that I had two spare Motherboards sourced from Aliexpress long back. These boards have some defect and not turning on. I don't want to throw them just yet. Any renowned chip level service who can take the boards through shipping...
  13. tomclancy1201

    FS: Desktops Aorus B360 + Pentium G5420

    Aorus B360 Gaming 3 : 5000/- Pentium G5420 : 3500/- 4gb Crucial DDR4-2666 : 1000/- wd green120gb M.2 sata: 1500/- This was being used as storage server. And for DIY router and NVR. Don’t have time to play around anymore Consider no warranty on any of the items as bill is not available 7 days...
  14. jinx

    FS: Desktops 5950x, x570 Aorus Master, 6900XT Toxic EE, 4x32GB 3600MT/s CL18

    Warranty Info: Processor and mobo are out of warranty as they're imported from the US 6900XT - 20months Remaining 3x32GB GSKILL Ripjaws - Lifetime? (Purchased in 2021-Oct) 1x32GB Teamgroup Vulcan Z (Red)- 9.5 Years
  15. A

    CPU/Mobo Help identifying defect

    So today early morning nearly at 3am my Motherboard asus z370f kissed this earth goodbye (RIP) and not before killing 2 sticks of memory. To be precise memory just wont get detected on both A channel(B channel was already dead for some time) Q-Led passes the cpu led and gets stuck on memory...
  16. A

    WTB Z370/Z390 motherboard

    WTB a z370/z390 motherboard at reasonable price. Preferably an ATX board. Preferance for any local seller. Location - Bhubaneswar
  17. PradUp

    CPU/Mobo Need help identifying and replacing caps on Asus Prime X370 Pro

    So I have an Asus Prime X370 board with 2 missing capacitors: I can't find the exact model of the caps that go there, but seeing other asus board its most likely this one: If someone has the same board please let me know the exact caps that go there. Also what do those no. on the caps mean...
  18. napstersquest

    WTB AM4 Motherboard, DDR4 RAM (2x8GB, 3200MHz+ preferred), 450W PSU in warranty (80Plus preferred)

    A good A520 or basic B350/B450 motherboard will do. Need to use with 3200G. Edit: A520 won't support 3200G so looking for B350/B450/X370 boards only.
  19. M

    FS: Processor Core 2 Quad Q8400 CPU + Motherboard + 4GB Ram

    Working CPU + Motherboard + Ram Combo Bought it used from someone local years ago, don't remember when. Used it for many years as low powered desktop. Selling because I built a new desktop. Tested it today and its working fine, Video below...
  20. arunmcops

    FS: Motherboard AMD 4700S SoC, GeForce GT 610 and 120 GB SSD

    For AMD 4700S SoC with 16 GB GDDR6 RAM, GeForce GT 610 2 GB DDR3 GPU and 120 GB SATA SSD. - Negotiable. For comparison with cheapest Core i3 12 Gen :