1. nileshsrox

    WTB ASRock H310CM-HDV/M.2 SE Motherboard

    Hello everyone, I am looking to purchase this motherboard, if anyone has this one, ASRock H310CM-HDV/M.2 SE Motherboard need either this mobo or one with LGA1151 socket, and atleast 4 sata and 3 pcie, I already have the ram and intel i5 6th gen to use on it. need the sata and pcie for NAS purpose
  2. Pauljacob750

    FS: Processor Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650 v2 | ASUS Z9PA-D8C Motherboard | 256GB DDR3 1866Mhz RAM | 120GB SATA SSD | Corsair 110R | Arctic Fans

    I am selling my Xeon workstation. Local buyers only. Not open to selling parts individually. Kindly note that no GPU, PSU, and NVMe SSD will be provided with the system. All parts are out of warranty. Boxes for cabinet, Arctic fans, and SSD will be provided. Parts list: Item no. Part...
  3. M

    WTB 7800X3D + Compatible motherboard + 7900 XTX

    Looking to buy 7800X3D Compatible motherboard 64 gigs of ram (32*2) within reasonable price
  4. G

    FS: Others Clearance Sale - must go quick

    Prices mentioned do not include shipping Local buyers preferred, but willing to ship at buyer's risk. Only the TPLINK ARCHER TX20UH has a bill , attached as well. Have reduced prices further and wish to clear them out quick. All products except the H67 Motherboard come with 1 week testing...
  5. R

    FS: Desktops B450m steel legend and Ryzen 3 1200

    Selling B450m steel legend and ryzen 3 1200 Motherboard- mobo is with box and bill and all accessories that come with it. In warranty till 3rd sep'24. Used for like max 1 month was a spare backup. Processor- comes with box and stock fan. No warranty. Used for max 1 month was a spare backup...
  6. TheNawab

    WTB MSI B450M-A PRO MAX II (Used/New)

    Have a budget of around ₹4k to buy a MOBO for R3400G. Let me know if there are any better options apart from this specific model as well within the budget.
  7. Z

    FS: Motherboard Cupboard Clearance 2- Blast from the past Gaming Boards+CPU:) and some dead ones

    Some of these was in my sons PC very long time ago. WORKING BOARDS/Combo i7 975 Extreme + Gigabyte UD3 Working condition. This board needs a Graphics card as x58 did not have a graphics chip. DDR3 is not part of the bundle. If you want i can give for extra. Rs. 4000/- for the bundle. Athlon x2...
  8. GeeBee007

    FS: Motherboard Msi b450m pro vdh max motherboard

    Bought it for temporary use as my main board went for RMA. Used it for a week barely as new board came up early from RMA. Everything is as good as new Even IO shield not opened. Price is non negotiable.
  9. NikhilSingh25

    CPU/Mobo Missing screw in motherboard

    I bought an asrock b650m pro rs motherboard along with other parts for my PC sometime back, and finally got the time to build my PC. But just after opening the motherboard box i noticed the heatsink on top of motherboard is missing one plastic screw type thing and is coming loose. i checked the...
  10. NikhilSingh25

    WTB I5 12400f and b660/b760

    As the title says , I want an i5 12400f, will prefer some warranty. And a motherboard for i5 12400f. I know h610 will work fine but I want some upgrade options so only looking for B660 or b760 motherboard.
  11. zibalingz

    FS: Motherboard ASRock B660M Pro RS DDR4 Motherboard + Kingston Fury Beast Black 8X2 16 GB 3200mhz Kit

    Hello, Selling my ASRock B660M Pro RS D4 Motherboard with 24 months warranty left - All accessories and box included - 7500 And Kingston Fury Beast Black 8X2 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM Kit - 3500 Both are in great working condition without any issues. Ram can be overclocked to 3600mhz stable as...
  12. RadarHz

    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte B450M S2H (box, bill, 6 months warranty)

    Product link: Used with Ryzen 1700, 3500, 5600x. Both memory slots working, and all PCIe slots confirmed working. 6 months warranty left. Shipping at buyer's risk. Will provide AM4 backplate and...
  13. GeeBee007

    FS: Motherboard Asus x570 Prime Pro CSM (AM4 motherboard)

    Got it RMAed (Replaced) a month back Have bill box Will provide RMA proof to the buyer. Reason for sale - Need extra slots for ssd / extra usb 3.0 internal header so buying some higher end Product link - Asus x570 prime pro
  14. imran_chennai

    FS: Laptop [SOLD] For Repair/Spares - Intermittently working motherboard (Asus A320-MK)+ Non working laptop (HP ProBook 430 G4) + FGPU USB Risers and Adapters

    Intermittently working motherboard (Asus A320-MK) [SOLD] : Background - Purchased this from FB Marketplace in 2021 Issue - Throws USB DEVICE OVER CURRENT STATUS DETECTED Error, not allowing to boot with USB devices plugged in. Tried - CMOS Clear, BIOS Reset, Changed RAM sticks Reference video -...
  15. AlphaSkull

    FS: Desktops MotherBoard[B560]+CPU[11400f]+cooler combo FS

    Selling half my PC because I'll be moving to the SFX Platform so I'll have to fund these parts. Parts are CPU: Intel core i5 11400F Total Cores: 6 Total Threads:12 Max Turbo Frequency:4.40 GHz Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 Frequency‡:4.40 GHz Processor Base Frequency:2.60 GHz Cache:12 MB...
  16. AlphaSkull

    FS: Motherboard Asus TUF gaming B560 plus wifi

    Non-negotiable Has a box and bill with all the original stickers that come with the board;). Shipping excluded. Local Shipping Excluded Full specs here : Mobo specs
  17. AlphaSkull

    FS: Motherboard ASUS TUF GAMING B560-PLUS WIFI

    Non-negotiable Has a box and bill with all the original stickers that come with the board;). Shipping excluded. Local Shipping Excluded Full Specs Here:
  18. F

    WTB Motherboard and Ram for Ryzen 5 3600x

    Looking for a AM4 Motherboard (preferably B series) for my 3600x, as well as 16GB DDR4 (min 3000Mhz) RAM to go along with it.
  19. R

    FS: Processor Selling PC config - i5-9400f

    Selling out the PC with the specs listed below: CPU - i5 9400f Mobo - Gigabyte Z390 M UD RAM - HyperX Fury 8GB (8GBx1) DDR4 2400MHz SMPS - Corsair VS550 Case - Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 excluding GPU and HDD/SDD. No bill is available. Preferred buyer's location - UP & Delhi. (other...
  20. A

    FS: Desktops PC bought in 2021

    All parts bought in April 2021. Location is Bangalore. 1. LIAN LI LANCOOL 215 ARGB E-ATX MID TOWER CABINET (BLACK) - I'm not sure of the warranty on the cabinet. 2. ASUS PRIME B560-PLUS Intel B560 ATX Motherboard - Warranty left till 2024/02/21 (~2.5 months) 3. Intel Core i5-11500 11th...