1. W

    FS: Others Silverstone SST-SX700-G SFX 700W 80 Fully Modular PSU

    Selling my SFX PSU used in my build. Recently upgraded to a SF750 purchased from the forum. In great condition, bill and box available, 4 years of warranty left (invoice attached). Selling this for 9K shipped (negotiable)
  2. BurnBoy147

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding SFX 450w Bronze

    ST45-SF 80+ Bronze rated. Imported on February 2021 by PrimeABGB. Warranty is 3 years according to Silverstone's website. Not sure on exact date of purchase Goes without saying, it will be cleaned to the best of my abilities before shipping.
  3. V

    FS: Others Corsair SF750 Platinum 3 Months old

    Good Day! Selling PSU on behalf of a Friend. Its just 3 months old used for less than a week. All the cables and accessories are available. Reason for sale, relocating and moved to Macbook.
  4. Dunce

    FS: Desktops i5 4690K, Asus Z97-A, HyperX 16GB DDR3 RAM, MSI GTX 750Ti, 970, 1080, Misc Items

    Hi, This is my old PC and various other PC related stuff, my brother was using it until recently but he's gone to university and has a laptop now so this PC is no longer needed. The GPUs are all mine and used over the years with the GTX 1080 being the newest I've upgraded from. Some have bills...
  5. ShaDe2312

    Budget 0-20k Need to choose PSU and Case

    Hey everyone, I'll be making a Ryzen 5 3600 + RX 6600 based build soon. It will have those two components and 1 m.2 NVME SSD, 2x8gb ram sticks, and no RGB except whatever might come with the case. In the future, I might upgrade to a R5 5600X, and might add an upto 4TB hard disk in the future...
  6. StygianClaw

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair SF450 Platinum SFX PSU

    The PSU is in pristine condition. There's not even dust on it. It was used with a 5900X and 6600XT. I have upgraded as I plan to get one of the next-gen GPUs when they launch. This is one of the highest-quality 450W SFX units around. It is whisper quiet even when you draw close to its rated...
  7. NanditaRoy

    FS: Others Antec BP450P And Jabra Biz 1500 USB

    Product Name:Antec BP450P Expected Price: Rs 1750 Shipping charges : Included Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: In Mint Condition Reason for Sale:Not Using Anymore Product condition: 9 out of 10 Purchase Date: Around Jan 2022 Remaining Warranty...
  8. manuvikraman


    Looking for an SFX power supply for SFF build. Looking for anything that is 600W and above. DM me your offers
  9. badgangstaa

    FS: Cabinets NZXT H1 ( mini ITX case ) + Liquid Cpu cooler + PSU

    This is NZXT H1 mini ITX case that comes with a built in LIQUID CPU COOLER and SFX POWER SUPPLY. It comes with USB 3.2 type-A and gen 2 Type-C at the front. Please note that this is for a mini ITX build only and there is no space for a 3.5" Hdd. You can use SSD or NVMe storage.
  10. GeeBee007

    FS: Desktops Corsair Rm750x PSU

    5 years of warranty remaining. Cant upload psu pics as its in current machine. RMAed once and got a brand new PSU in 2021. All cables are present. Shipping will be possible only till 18th/19th. Any price related query in PM only
  11. terence_fdes

    FS: Cabinets CM Storm Stryker White - Full ATX Tower - SOLD

    CM Storm Stryker White - Full ATX Tower This is the Legendary Cabinet which Blows out the rest even today. Comes with Masterclass Fans: Top: 200mm 1000 rpm Rear: 140mm 1200 rpm Sides: 2 X 120mm LED fans 1200 rpm Bottom (Optional 2x 120 mm) - willing to...
  12. terence_fdes

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding SEASONIC X-760W 80 Plus Gold

    SEASONIC X-760W 80 Plus Gold Model: X-760 (SS-760KM Active PFC3) 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular My Personal User Experience: This was my workhorse PSU (Robust & Trouble Free) used on CM- STORM STRYKER Snow Edition with an i7-3770K; 16GB DDR3 1866; Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H WiFi; ASUS GTX 660 Ti...
  13. karans

    FS: Others 4x120mm case fans/ CM GX550W PSU/ Intel CPU heatsink

    120 mm fans (4 nos.) 2 x Deepcool Xfan . 1x Deepcool fan (came with case) 1x Coolermaster fan (came with CM case) Price: Rs. 1,000 for all. Not selling separately. -------------------------------------------------------- CM GX 550W PSU (same one I listed earlier) 7-8 years old. Cleaned it today...
  14. jinx

    FS: Others XPG 850W Gold & Corasair Vengeance 750W Silver

    1, Adata XPG Core Reactor 850W 80 Plus Gold (Fully modular, Tier A) Price: 7000 Item condition: 4/5 Purchase Date: 07-10-2021 Remaining warranty: ~9 years Invoice Available: Yes 2, Corasair Vengeance 750W Silver (Semi modular, Tier B) Price: 6500 Item condition: 4/5 Purchase Date: 15-02-2021...
  15. Athar Muneeb

    FS: Others Seasonic s12II 620 Bronze PSU

    Seasonic 620w PSU . Working great without any hassel. Only issue is an 8 pin PCIE connector is burnt cause of overclocking but every other cable is fine and working flawlessly.
  16. M

    FS: Others Corsair RM850x 5years warranty remaining.

    Product Name: Corsair RM850x Expected Price: Rs 6500 Shipping charges: Excluded Description if any: 2x SATA cables & 1x extra CPU cable is missing. Reason for Sale: Not required anymore Product condition: 9 out of 10 Purchase Date: 15 Sept 2017 Remaining Warranty period: 60 Warranty available...
  17. Greyfalcon

    FS: Desktops Athlon 3000G, MSI B450 motherboard, XPG 8GB DDR4 RAM, Antec VP 550P PSU

    Selling my cpu, ram, motherboard and PSU as I dont need them anymore. They're all in excellent condition and were barely used. AMD Athlon 3000G Purchase date - 30th October 2021 warranty remaining - 2 yrs 2 months Price - Rs. 4000/- MSI B450 PRO VDH MAX Purchase date - 30th October 2021...
  18. roygarg

    Graphic Cards 3060 Ti with a CX550 Grey Label/Advice on 3060 Ti Variant

    Hello Folks! I'm looking to buy a 3060 Ti in a month or two. Will be pairing it with my i5 8500 for the time being. CPU upgrade to a 5600x is next on my list. Wanted to know if my current PSU is sufficient. It is a Corsair CX550. The grey label, not the green one. The estimated wattage...
  19. cleo

    FS: Others Thermaltake 450W PSU

    Shipping charges extra
  20. FlyingVadapav

    FS: Others Corsair CX750M (2021) PSU, Intel i5 6600K(has iGPU) + MSI LGA1151 socket MoBo, CoolerMaster Hyper 212X CPU cooler.

    Corsair CX750M is a sealed RMA unit with 30 Days official warranty - ₹4000 (free shipping) I upgraded to a 12400F and 3060Ti in July this year and decided to keep the old PSU and ram. The next day after the upgrade a component in my old PSU CX750(green label, 2013 model) exploded. I didn't...