1. NoMansLand

    FS: Others (SOLD) Universal Remote

    OneForAll Smart Control 6 Universal Remote Can control 6 devices with one remote 4 * AAA batteries required to run Can be configured to replicate any IR remote Product page - Smart Control 6 | One For All Review & Setup Guide
  2. raksrules

    FS: Others Sideclick Remote for Firestick remote

    I have a Sideclick Remote to be used with fire stick remote. If you are not sure what Sideclick is, you may check its website. I have verified by doing setup with my existing sony tv and it works fine. Do remember this remote is useful only if your TV has IR receiver and you still have existing...
  3. D

    WTB Xbox 360 Media Remote

    Hi All, Need a working Xbox 360 Media Remote. Please refer the image below. Pm me if you happen to have one. Thanks!!
  4. Santy

    FS: Home Audio Video Sensy home TV remote for smartphone

    Barely used Sensy Home is a device that enables your Android phone / iPhone to become a smart remote for your Cable/DTH and TV. With it, you can browse shows listings and switch TV channels on your Set-top Box through a beautiful, content-rich and intuitive Android/iOS app (also on tablets)...
  5. P

    Cheap Remote Control Duplicator

    My mum lost one of our remotes for garage door opening so I need to buy a duplicator to clone signal from second remote we still have. BUT, the remote is quite old and works on frequencies 27 MHz (garage 1) and 40 MHz (garage 2) and most of new remote control duplicators work on different...
  6. tclave

    Free remote access app, Litemanager analogous?

    Hello, My old ma lives abroad and struggles with her smartphone. Unfortunately, even the most basic settings confuse the hell out of her and attempts to troubleshoot over the phone invariably end unhappily. Is there any kind of app like Litemanager Free which allows a remote user to take...
  7. titaniumshield

    Android Android Remote for Android PC

    Greetings everyone, I have a PC with Android as it's OS running natively. I have a spare android phone that I want to use it as a remote for the android pc through wifi or Bluetooth since there is no IR sensor in the android PC Is there any app that can serve my purpose?