1. dazzwilliams

    WTB Am4 mobo with 8 gb x 2 DDR4 ram

    Want to buy an entry/mid range AM4 motherboard (within warranty) to pair with Ryzen 2200g apu. Also looking for 2 sticks of 8 gb DDR4 RAM (non-rgb, preferably 3000mhz and above) Budget 2k per stick
  2. FernsDrummer

    Budget 41-50k Need help with Editing/Gaming PC build

    Please let me know if the price and config is good. Also will the prices in the offline market be lower than this? And is bargaining an option?
  3. thomasjude47

    FS: Processor Amd ryzen 5 5600x processor

    This is just a one month old chip. Box was badly damaged and was disposed off by the owner. Cooler available Invoice available. Waiting for its pdf to upload here Price is final
  4. 2kool2btrue

    FS: Processor (SOLD) AMD Ryzen 7 3800X CPU

    Selling the 3800x I bought new from this forum on 30th August, 2020 - There's no invoice or box but comes with the stock heatsink. Warranty can be claimed on serial number and is valid till May 2023. Original thread - https://techenclave.com/threads/sealed-box-ryzen-7-3800x.193635/
  5. rehankum

    FS: Processor (sold)Ryzen 7 5800x sealed pack

    My cousin upgraded/changed to 3950x as he was able to source it for cheap, also couldn't source RTX 3080 so the higher single core perf is not really required Edit - Would prefer local/hand to hand pickup
  6. madara_uchiha

    FS: Laptop Brand New Asus TUF Gaming A15 (Ryzen 7 4800H|12GB Ram|512GB SSD|2 Years Warranty| 144Hz 1080P|1650Ti|2KG)

    Brand New Asus TUF Gaming A15 with the 8 Core Zen 2 Ryzen 7 4800H and 1650ti. Ram upgraded to 12GB and extended Warranty of 2 years bought from Asus. All original packaging as well as bill available. Bought for Rs. 76000. Prefer local buyers. Shipping at buyer's liability.
  7. raf1988

    FS: RAM GSkill Trident Z RGB DDR4 3200Mhz (8 x 2 - 16 GB) F4-3200C16D-16GTZRX (AMD Compatible)

    Barely used for like 6 months, 1 and half year it’s not been used at all (also due to lockdown). Upgraded to Corsair ram due to RGB aesthetic purposes. Edit - Original Invoice will not be given, you will get a copy of invoice due to other stuff on it. Any issues you can contact me, will help...
  8. T

    Trouble overclocking r5 3600

    Build specs: Case: meshify C with great airflow CPU: r5 3600 CPU Cooler: Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 250W Mobo: AsRock b450 Pro 4 A couple days ago I got a overclock of 4175@1.325ish to post and loaded up a game I like, played for 5 minutes, and went to sleep. I also let it run in prime 95 a...
  9. prodipta biswas

    FS: Processor Ryzen 3600xt

    Ryzen 3600xt for sale. 2 months old. selling cause upgraded to 5800x. bill, box available. pics attached.
  10. Prashant Verma

    FS: Processor Unused Ryzen 5 5600x!

    Box is not available for sale. Only have the cpu and its plastic container.
  11. T

    FS: Processor AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Selling my Ryzen 9 3900x bought on 24-7-19 from MD Comp. Planning to upgrade to 5900x. Price fixed at 30k. Not negotiable. I can bundle 3900x and my MSI 2080 X Trio for 60k + shipping. 2080 thread: https://techenclave.com/threads/msi-rtx-2080-gaming-x-trio.195491/
  12. nkdarsons

    Budget 71-90K Im So confused, Intel i5 10300H or Ryzen 5 4600H for Gaming

    Should I Buy A laptop With GTX 1650 ti with Intel i5 10300h or One With Ryzen 5 4600H ? Which one would be better for gaming? Please reply. I need to buy in 1 or 2 days.. Im buying laptop price ranging from Rs 72 to 80k.
  13. M

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Cooler Master MA610P CPU Cooler; Corsair RM Series Premium Cable Kit; Mint Condition

    Product Name: Corsair RM Series Premium Cables Kit Expected Price: Rs 5000 Shipping charges: Included Manufacturer page URL...
  14. princeoo7

    Budget 41-50k Is it worth Upgrading to 5900X from 3900X (silicon lottery chip)?

    I own an AMD 3900x (silicon lottery) which I am running at 4.20Ghz on 1.2V on stock cooler. Will be going to Red team for GPU due to requirements. So, it it worth upgrading to a 5900X after selling the 3900X or I should just stick to 3900X. What I do is E-Sports (No Competitive) , Stream at 2k...
  15. magesh85

    Budget 41-50k Mini Itx Build for 50k using Ryzen Cpu

    Hi Guys, I am trying to build a Mini-Itx Build as he wants a compact system. He is looking for general use and media consumption and occasional gaming (gpu can be upgraded down the path too). We are looking for Ryzen based system if possible under 50k. Can you guys helps us out here. Cheers!!!
  16. R

    Budget 21-30k New CPU Build advice

    I am in the process of building a PC. I wanted to get the Zen 3 (5500/5600), but looking at the processor prices in India, I'm pretty sure its going launch at a high price. Hence decided to get a B550 motherboard (for future upgrade to zen3 or 4) + a vfm Zen 2 for now. Can you please give me...
  17. goDofWar_skr

    FS: Desktops AMD Ryzen 3500 + MSI x570 A-PRO + NZXT M22 AIO combo -- SOLD

    All parts purchased around Dec 2019. So still in warranty. Attached bills. Listing on behalf of @rahul0256 since he is new to the forum and doesn't have permissions to post sale threads yet. You can ping me or him directly for any queries. Local buyers will be given more preference. Looking to...
  18. Dilbersha

    FS: Games Assassin's Creed Valhalla game code for PC | Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition game code for PC

    Assassin Creed Valhalla: 2200rs Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition: 2000rs
  19. madara_uchiha

    FS: Laptop ASUS TUF Fx505DT Gaming 15.6" FHD 120Hz Laptop/GTX 1650 4GB Graphics/Ryzen 5-3550H/32GB RAM/256GB PCIe SSD (Samsung 970 Evo plus) + 2TB HDD/2.20 KG

    expected Price: Rs 54,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Amazon, 29/9/19. Reason for Sale: Not Using. RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced. Product Condition: 10/10. Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No. Accessories Included...
  20. A

    FS: Processor Ryzen 5 1500x

    Hello, I would like to sell my Ryzen 5 1500x processor as I am upgrading my system.