1. -purpleshad0w-

    FS: Processor Ryzen 2600

    Bought this off a forum member at the beginning of the year. I no longer need it as I've upgraded. In good shape physically and functionally. Also seems to have a pretty decent IMC as it is able to boot my kit of dual rank ram at 3733mhz(even managed to get 3800mhz to boot once) but I didn't...
  2. BurnBoy147

    FS: Processor Ryzen 5 3400g with Stock Cooler

    Looking for a quick sale so PM offers Can Provide any additional benchmark requirements if needed. Thanks! Goes without saying, it will be cleaned to the best of my abilities before shipping. Currently on hold for @hairlessmonkey
  3. Z

    FS: Processor Ryzen 7 3700x ( no warranty)

    Ryzen 3700x out of warranty Processor in good condition With cooler No box
  4. CyberGhost

    FS: Processor Ryzen 2700x & Summoner with pudding keycaps

    Price quoted is for both items, for negotiation take PM route! Strict Disclaimer - Please be aware before buying (do all the necessary research about the product you're willing to buy or ask me personally and I'll be more than happy to answer but no need to crap on the thread) In case you're...
  5. D

    FS: Desktops CPUs, Mobos and other items

    1. Ryzen 5 5600x Price: 14500 + Shipping Date of purchase: 24-09-2022 from Flipkart Original box & Invoice: Yes Condition: Sealed pack Note: Wanted to upgrade my system because I had already a B550 motherboard lying around for a few months. But selling both as I am hardly going to use both in...
  6. Z

    FS: Processor Ryzen 5 5600x

    Warranty based on the manufacturing date. Picture included
  7. magesh85

    FS: Processor Ryzen 5 3600

    Product Name: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Shipping charges: Buyer pays Description if any: Never overclocked. Having stock cooler and bill. Used Stock cooler just for a week and then shifted to my GameIce 3rd Party Cooler Purchase Date: March 2021 Remaining Warranty period: Till March 2024 Invoice...
  8. m0h1t

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair H100x AIO 240mm liquid cooler

    Corsair H100x AIO 240mm liquid cooler - Rs.4500 (Shipping at actuals) Bought from SMC Nehru place sometime in early 2020, invoice lost Desktop was being used by mom to check emails and facebook once a week, decided to pass it on to the nephew with the stock wraith heatsink, hence this is extra...
  9. D

    FS: Desktops Selling full desktop minus smps

    Hi All, Recently upgraded so selling full desktop minus PSU, if anyone has a 650 watt or above PSU can consider trade as well Price of Individual Items as below Ryzen 2600x and B450 Board - Rs. 12000 Nvidia Geforce 1080 - Rs. 16000 (Purchased from here...
  10. H

    FS: Processor [Mumbai Only]Ryzen 3800x + X570 Aorus Master, Intel i7 9700k + ASRock Z390 Taichi, and more

    Hello, I have following components to sell. Do note that Processor, Board and Memory are offered as combo. Also what I mean when I say its 4 out of 5 condition, is that its used in a system and might have usual dust accumulated in some parts/areas. I haven't taken anything apart to clean it...
  11. W

    FS: Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600

    - Original box available - shipping at buyers risk - 3 day testing warranty Please take DM route for any negotiations. Thanks.
  12. buzz88

    WTB Ryzen 5800X / 5700X / 5900X

    Looking for a used 5800X. Might also be tempted if price is right for a 5700X or 5900X PM me your offers. I have a 5600G in my rig right now. If anyone has an exchange offer (+ cash, of course), feel free to drop a PM. Thanks
  13. B

    FS: Processor Ryzen 3800x with Wraith prism cooler and 10months warranty

    For sale is a Ryzen 3800x with Wraith prism cooler and 10 months warranty remaining Not overclocked as it was not required for my usage of 4K gaming Wraith prism cooler was used for ~ week before shifting to AIO Idles 25-30C and ~65C at full load Box, invoice available Shipping at buyer's risk...
  14. idkmninja

    WTB Ryzen 5600X CPU Motherboard RAM

    Looking for 2x Ryzen 5600X or similar CPUs, 1x B450 / A520 Motherboard and 1x Kit of 16/32GB DDR4 RAM.
  15. goDofWar_skr

    FS: Processor Ryzen 5 3600

    Under warranty till Dec 2022. Stock cooler used for just 2-3 days and then kept aside as it is. (Mostly because of its bad thermal performance. Any budget after-market air cooler under 1.5k will do a far better job.) Bill and box available. Ran at stock settings all the time. I was satisfied...
  16. jinx

    FS: Processor Xeon E5-2620v3, 2x Ryzen 3500

    1, Ryzen 3500 - sealed unit - Rs.8000 2, Ryzen 3500 - used, processor only, no cooler - Rs.7250 Purchase date(for both): 23-02-2021 Remaining warranty: 1.5Years Invoice Available: Yes 3, Xeon E5-2620v3 - used - Rs.3000 No official warranty, no invoice 3 Days testing warranty from me.
  17. S

    FS: Processor Ryzen 5 5600x + Asus Tuf Gaming x570 + Hyperx 3200mhz 8GB ramx2

    Ryzen 5 5600x Expected Price (Rs): 13.5k Purchase Date: 19 june 2022 Asus Tuf Gaming x570 Expected Price (Rs): 14.5k Purchase Date: 12 march 2022 Hyperx 3200mhz 8GB ramx2 Expected Price (Rs): 3.5k Purchase Date: 23 oct 2021 CPU+ MOTHERBOARD Combo : 27k CPU+ MOTHERBOARD+ RAM Combo : 30k
  18. rsaeon

    FS: Processor Ryzen 5 3600

    Basically brand new in box Ryzen 5 3600 Processor purchased on July 1st of this year from PrimeABGB for an eye watering Rs 15,434. Opened for testing, original invoice is misplaced but I'll request a duplicate soft copy tomorrow and attach it in another post. Priced it as low as I can go...
  19. D

    FS: Laptop Asus A17 Ryzen 4600h 8gb/1tb gtx 1650 17 inch screen backlit KB upgradable.

    Bought 2 yrs ago, working fine. Backlit keyboard,8gb ram(upgradable),hdd1tb( ssd can be added alongwith hdd) ,48whr battery,can be upgraded to 90 whr but hdd needs to be removed. Never used for gaming. Just used blendr and solid works softwares. Also have bill ,box, and everything that comes in...
  20. M

    FS: Others PC Parts

    My previous sale thread for below items had a technical issue which prevents me from updating the main post; hence creating again. Have requested mods to lock/archive the old one. There was a discussion regarding RAM price being unreasobaly high. And I agree with the rationale shared by the...