1. S

    FS: Headphone Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Bluetooth headset

    Selling my friends Galaxy buds Only one month old Bill n all accessories available Bought from Diwali sell on Flipkart. Invoice will be added tomorrow.
  2. eraviii

    FS: Others Samsung Gear Sport

    Selling my samsung gear sport smart watch, got this as a gift in 2018. Trying to find invoice if available will add later. specs : Specs Link Battery lasts easily 2 days with all features enabled . with power saving mode it goes up to 6 days max. it has everything a smartwatch could do...
  3. J

    Budget 10-15K Please suggest between Samsung M12 and Samsung M21

    I need to get a budget phone for my mother. Prime requirements are good screen and decent camera. No gaming or any high end apps usage. Basic usage and storage of at least 128 GB. she likes to hoard all the msgs, pictures video etc on the phone itself. Based on her requirements I have...
  4. D

    FS: Mobile [Display cracked] Galaxy note 8

    Hi all. My dad's Samsung galaxy note 8 is for sale. Display is cracked (and shattered on the edges) but works perfectly fine. Battery health is about 80%. I will also include the tempered glass screen protector that arrived 1 day too late to save the screen I don't remember the year we bought...
  5. Mukeshmeena

    FS: Mobile M51 6/128 GB on sale again.

    Warranty till 22 Nov 2021. Bill box everything available. Will provide invoice at the time of shipping .currently not having it. No scratches. Scratches on back sides are on back panel lamination not on back panel. Was on sale before too. But avoided selling it in a mid of sale.
  6. P

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S10e good condition (price drop)

    Have the box charger cable and phone only. I once got its camera glass cracked which was subsequently fixed at local repair shop due to non availability of part at service center. Accident happened in September 2021. The repair guy did a shody job it resulted in dust getting around ultrawide...
  7. P

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G like new almost 1 year warranty

    Just turned on and switched off, not really used Had to get it to Ahmedabad from village it took some time.
  8. thegoodsamaritan

    FS: Others Galaxy Watch 3 LTE 45 mm

    * Expected Price : Rs. 23,500/- * Shipping from : Jaipur, Rajasthan (till 24.10); Kolkata, WB (after 24.10). * Item Condition : 4 out of 5 - looks great, works perfectly. * Payment Options : GPay, Paytm, Bank transfer, cash, whatever is convenient and legit. * Purchase Date : November 28, 2020...
  9. thegoodsamaritan

    FS: Others Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 LTE 45 mm

    * Expected Price : Rs. 24,000/- * Shipping from : Jaipur, Rajasthan (till 24.10); Kolkata, WB (after 24.10). * Item Condition : 4 out of 5 - looks great, works perfectly. * Payment Options : GPay, Paytm, Bank transfer, cash, whatever is convenient and legit. * Purchase Date : November 28, 2020...
  10. rkkaranrk

    FS: Mobile SAMSUNG S21 ULTRA 12GB 256GB

    Product Name: SAMSUNG S21 ULTRA Expected Price: Rs. 68000/- Shipped Source and Time of Purchase: 28/1/21 Reason for Sale: Buying new phone. RMA/Servicing history: Yes, Display replaced under warranty Product Condition: Mint Product Location: AGRA, UP. Preferred Courier: Dtdc/FedEx @ Buyers Risk...
  11. napstersquest

    Help me choose a refrigerator and washing machine

    We, a family of 4 currently, are planning to change cities and are going to give away our refrigerator and washing machine. The fridge, Kelvinator make and around 20 years old at this point, has capacity of 185 litres, and is still very efficient. However, the freezer unit does not seal and...
  12. boss.bhavesh2

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S21 256GB in Mint condition!

    What's up guys, S21 256GB on sale. Phantom violet color. Comes with box and all accessories. Bill dated mid June. 10/10 condition. Switching to iOS for now hence the sale. 55k shipped from Trichy, TN. Thanks for looking :)
  13. A

    Buying my 1st Washing Machine

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy a new washing machine for our family of 4. Have narrowed down on 7kg Front load rather than a TL due to better wash quality as per the reviews. I an looking for guidance to choose between brands like Bosch LG Toshiba Samsung. I am keen on buying Bosch WAJ24262IN...
  14. shakesbeer

    WTB Samsung galaxy s10

    I want to buy a Galaxy S10, preferably in good condition and no repairs.
  15. S

    Need help for home theater - atmos setup

    Hi guys I am planning to set up an atmos 5.1.2 home theater for the LG GX65 tv in the living room. currently, I have an old Logitech z906 and planing to reuse the surrounding speakers for a new setup. I would like to know my existing Logitech speakers can be able to use with Denon X1600H / Denon...
  16. P

    WTB looking for samsung s21, or s20 the smallest version

    if anyone has Samsung s21 for sale, s20 could also work, expected in proper working condition, and no third party repairs not looking for + size phones
  17. R

    FS: Mobile Poco F1 6/64 | Samsung 970 Pro 512GB

    1) Poco F1 6/64 - 8,500 - 2 yrs old Bought from olx to use as a secondary phone till i played with LOS on my primary phone, LOS is good enought that i don't really need it anymore original Box/bill/charger included Everything works fine though condition of back panel isn't particularly good...
  18. eraviii

    Budget 15-20K New Phone for mom under 20k.

    I am considering to purchase Samsung A22 for Mom as her main feature is battery and Camera. Other considered options are Redmi Note 10 Pro. There's Just too much options from Xiaomi, Samsung and others. Confused on where my money should go. Please your valuable suggestions helps, earlier i...
  19. Mainak777

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 12GB/256GB with Indian Warranty

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Bronze Expected Price: Rs. 69499/- Shipped Source and Time of Purchase: 27/10/2020. Warranty Available until 27/10/2021 (Picture Attached) Reason for Sale: Need Money. RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product...
  20. A

    Budget 30-40k Motorola Edge 20 or Samsung S20 FE 5G

    My Pixel OG is almost nearing it's end (battery lasts only for 10 minutes nowadays) and so decided to buy a phone that can be used for next 3-4 years. My considerations are Motorola Edge 20 and Samsung S20 FE 5G. The latter one, I got a deal of 35K for a 4 month used piece. My biggest priority...