sd card reader

  1. hiflier

    FS: Storage Hardware Sealed in Box WD Pro 4TB WiFi HDD

    For Sale! Sealed in Box WD My Passport Wireless Pro 4TB WiFi HDD. Received as RMA. Product: WD My Passport Wireless Pro 4TB WiFi HDD Expected Price: Rs.16,500/-. New ones cost ~26K. Source and Time of Purchase: From HongKong, in Nov 18. Warranty: Till 17/11/2020. Bill: Hong Kong Bill...
  2. Digigear

    FS: Photography USB 3.0 Hi-speed 7-in-1 Card Reader for mSD/SDXC/CF/SD/SDHC/MS/XD/T-Flash/MMC

    High speed multi-format card-reader. Got this for personal use but ended up never needing it. It's just lying around. But it's a fantastic product, difficult to get in India. ------------------------- Manufacturer Description:- ZEDELA USB 3.0 superspeed multi-card reader versatile transfer SD...