1. rootyme

    The TechEnclave Wallpaper Mega Thread [Desktop and Mobile]

    It's time to create a collection of wallpapers handpicked by TechEnclave Members. Post your old/new Desktop as well as mobile wallpapers here. You may post the pic with source if possible, whenever you find something cool. There is no limit as to how many pics somebody can post. Remember that...
  2. farrukjavid

    Budget 25-30k What Phone around 30k

    Hi guys, im looking for a phone under 30k for my father who is upgrading from realme 3 pro. Current considerations are s21fe, iqoo neo 7 pro, oneplus 11r, moto edge 50 pro,pixel 6a. Good to have : water resistance, telephoto lens. Need something long lasting as he doesn't change phones...
  3. M

    Budget 15-20K Phone for calling, WhatsApp and YouTube

    Budget - What is your budget? Mention Locality/Currency & Price Range. 15-20k (Avoid including offers while calculating price) New or Used? Online or in-store? New. Online/in-store. Brand - Do you have any brand preference or dislikes? Please name them. No specific preference Usage - What is...
  4. NikhilSingh25

    WTB broken Mi11x 8+128gb

    My Mi11x died. got it checked and the repair guy wants way too much money for a new motherboard. So if you have a Mi11x that is able to boot , DM me please.
  5. AjaX222

    FS: Mobile CAT S22 Flip Rugged Smartphone

    Hi, Putting up for sale my CAT S22 Flip Rugged Smartphone. Bought from local store in Mumbai sometime in 2023. Phone is in pristine condition with no major scratches or dents anywhere on body or screen, expect very minor/micro scratches as it was used as it is. Phone comes with original box...
  6. AjaX222

    FS: Mobile CAT S62 Rugged Smartphone

    Hi, Putting up for sale my CAT S62 Rugged Smartphone. Bought from local store in Mumbai sometime in 2023. Phone is in pristine condition with no major scratches or dents anywhere on body or screen, expect very minor/micro scratches as it was used as it is. Phone comes with original box, USB-C...
  7. W

    Less than 10K Under 10k Smartphone

    1. Budget? A: Under INR 10k 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: FHD and above 3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS, etc). A: Android 12 and above 4. Preferred connectivity options? (4G, 3G, 2G etc). A: 4G+ 5. Do you have any brand preference or dislike...
  8. Abhijat

    FS: Mobile Motorola Edge 30 Ultra 8/128 Black

    Bought from another member & friend here, has been sparingly used since then as a secondary phone. Hasn't seen much use in the last 5 months. The marks on the screen are the original moto screen protector that has been torn not the screen itself, can remove it before shipping if the buyer...
  9. mysticrainman

    Budget Above 40k Which phone would run smooth for at least 3 yrs?

    Any recommendations for a phone (other than iphone pro/galaxy ultra variants - can't afford these) running close to purchase day performance for at least 3 yrs? My OnePlus 8t is beginning to show its age. Apps are lagging.. and I don't even game on it.
  10. E

    FS: Mobile [SOLD] Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 4/64 GB

    Selling my father's Zenfone which he used for almost 4.5 years now but still works great with a day's battery backup (original 5000mAh) and usually more than a day if you don't game on it. There are a few scuffs on the back of the device due to the old back cover it was on. The screen has no...
  11. napstersquest

    Budget Above 40k [60K] Best Smartphone around 60K

    Asking on behalf of a relative. She wants to buy a smartphone around 60K for her daughter (22 y/o) who is in BE (Graduation). No specific preferences. Just the regular ones: Good battery life, Good camera, Less bloatware the better. Is there any alternative to the iPhone 14 at that price range...
  12. M

    WTB 4g/5g smartphone

    Need a spare smartphone to use as landline for my home. Ideally dual Sim preferred. Any make any os. As long as it is decently functional and has good battery health/backup. Preferable in the sub 4-5k rangebut can consider other options as well if priced well.
  13. prd_407

    FS: Mobile Realme 1 4gb ram 64gb storage 4g dual sim

    Phone bought from offline store a long time ago. It's good for WhatsApp, Instagram, casual usage. Has good battery life lasts 1 day. It's in perfectly working condition, apart from normal signs of usage.
  14. Elix3r

    Other Samsung S9 with water damage, need to repair it, issue mentioned below

    My Samsung s9 got water damaged (rain water not salt water) and I got it checked from a well reputed mobile repair guy in my city. He checked it completely and came up with the conclusion that the "charge IC" or charging IC was shorted and needed replacing (essentially a motherboard level...
  15. StygianClaw

    FS: Mobile ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2

    This is the 3GB RAM / 32GB storage variant. The processor is a Snapdragon 660 and it has 2 dedicated SIM slots plus a MicroSD slot and an FHD IPS display. (Full Specifications Link) Everything works perfectly and the battery holds up quite well. It has never been opened or repaired. The body...
  16. hiflier

    FS: Mobile iPhone 13 256GB * 2, Pink & Black

    For sale are two iPhone 13 256GB, Pink & Black. Both are 1-year old, and hence out of warranty. The Pink is in excellent condition (9/10) and the Black is in good condition (8/10, minor dings around cameras, USB port and sides). Both phones have been in screen guards and cases since day 1...
  17. everythingeek

    FS: Mobile iPhone 11 Black (128GB) (SOLD)

    Hello, selling my iPhone 128GB, the phone is in very good condition, no scratch or nicks on the body Battery health is 83%, I have moved back to Android and no point keeping two phones, other than that Phone is mint, works great. comes with Box, original charger and cable. Price is negotiable...
  18. Sumi

    Budget 10-15K Mobile phone or tablet for my mother?

    My mother has been using my crappy Redmi Note 3 Pro for the past 2 years even after me constantly letting her know she can get a new one, as a classic Indian mother, she insisted it works fine. Today she finally said "Beta, lagta he naya lena hi hoga" (Translation, "Son, I think we'll finally...
  19. prd_407

    FS: Mobile Redmi note 10 4gb/ 64gb black colour

    Excellent condition, functionally flawless. Has Android 12, will apparently get Android 13 update.
  20. Abhijat

    FS: Mobile Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB

    This is a German unit bought in Feb 2020, lied mostly unused for a year and a half. Friend has been using it since approx. 1 year regularly. Battery health 93%, box and contents available.