water purifier

  1. jammy420

    FS: Others New unused AO Smith Z8 Hot+ normal RO |10 L storage

    https://www.amazon.in/AO-Smith-Z8-10-Litre-Purifier/dp/B0755D9T1M/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2IOREHYLU4DBH&keywords=AO+smith+z8&qid=1670820842&sprefix=ao+smith+z,aps,338&sr=8-1 Bought for my sister's clinic usage. but remains unused as they got some sponsors through one of the pharma companies. we have...
  2. The_GarlicBread

    User Review Ultimate WATER PURIFIER Buying Guide.!

    Hey guys...! I wanted to buy a Water Purifier recently... and call it a habit.. But I NEED to EXTENSIVLY research something before Buying. So.. I thought Let's share my research. Most of us just drink RO Water without even knowing what we are drinking. In Most cases.. The RO Water we drink is...
  3. Panda

    FS: Others HUL Pureit Marvella G2 (4 Liter) UV Water Purifier (Not a RO Water Filter)

    Hi, I'm looking forward to sell the UV water filter mentioned in the title. This is the latest G2 version (you can see it printed on the filter) of this UV filter series, so it comes with 5yrs warranty on UV lamp. As mentioned in the title, again, this is not a RO filter and rather UV water...
  4. Karthik G

    Sale of Home appliances like Refrigerator & Water purifier.

    @mods, please guide me in case this thread is inappropriate. I would like to know if we may post sale of Home appliances in the Buy Sell Trade section? I have a 335L Haier 3 star fridge and a Eureka Forbes water purifier that I no longer need. I am not sure if I may post ads for these. Hence...
  5. colors6

    Am I paying too much RO water maintenance?

    I bought a RO made by local company 4 years ago. it is similar to this https://www.amazon.in/dp/B092S563QV i pay annual maintenance of ₹4000 which includes change of outside filter 3 times a year and change of inside filters once a year. The maintenance is also supposed to cover any...
  6. T

    FS: Others [SOLD] HUL Pureit Classic UV+ G2 Water Purifier

    Bit of an odd one. I replaced my water purifier with one that has storage, so have no use for this one. It was purchased in November 2018 and I was using it until last week. It was last serviced this January. I have the packaging for the new water purifier, so can ship it anywhere with proper...