xbox controller

  1. IKnowAGuyWhoKnowsAGuy447

    WTB Xbox Series S - 512 GB with controller

    Looking to buy Xbox series S along with its original controller and other accessories which comes with Xbox. Should be working perfectly. Scratches and all are ok with me to an extent. DM me if you have any offers. Budget max 15-18K Only.
  2. M

    WTB Wireless gamepad with replaceable batteries/battery pack

    Looking for a wireless controller that uses either AA or AAA batteries or has a removable battery pack so I can always have a spare charged up. Preferably under 3k
  3. B

    FS: Consoles Xbox One White controller

    Works flawless little bit wear and tear only need new pair of thumb grip Dm ur offer guys willing to negotiate a bit Price drop @ 2600/-
  4. ReVo_007

    FS: Consoles Xbox One Controller

    Do not require this controller anymore. It has not been used a lot. I have the documents but no bill or box for it.
  5. raf1988

    FS: Others FS - XBOX Controller with Wireless Adapter for PC + CORSAIR H150i Pro RGB AIO WaterCooler + PS3 Eye Camera + PS2 Media Remote.

    For Sale XBOX One Controller with Wireless Adapter for PC. (2nd Gen with 3.5mm Jack) Price - ₹3,300 - XBOX One Controller with Wireless Adapter for PC (Bundle) ₹2,600 - Only XBOX One Controller ₹900 - Wireless Adapter for PC Condition - Excellent Condition / Barely Used / Works Perfectly...
  6. D

    FS: Others Wireless Gamepad Unused

    Cosmic Byte Nebula 2.4G Wireless Gamepad , Rubberized Texture sold my gaming pc last year, not been used since then, vibration is really good, comes with box & all accessories , used for 10-15hrs total . Condition is brand new. Keep the thread clean
  7. itachim17

    FS: Others Multiple Items Sale- Xbox One, Controller, Static Fans, Car Seat Warmer

    1.XBOX One 1tb with One controller + Xbox play and charge kit Asking Price: 12k (Negotiable) Condition: 4 out of 5 Warranty: Out of Warranty. 2. High Static Fans 120MM Asking Price: 400/- Condition: 5 out of 5 (Never Used) Warranty: out of warranty. Bought in 2021 may 3.Car Seat Warmer Asking...
  8. MarioBros

    FS: Games Xbox Series Controller

    Selling 8 months old Xbox Wireless Controller - Shock Blue Working fine and no drift issues.
  9. Slayer88

    FS: Games XBox Controllers for Windows with USB Adapter/Receiver

    Xbox One - ~3-4 years old | Rs.3650 Xbox 360 - ~7 years old | Rs 2100 The XB1 controller left stick has been replaced by an ORIGINAL Alps stick (see pic) Grips on the x360 have worn out. Both are working great. Apart from the grips on the 360 controller, they are cosmetically in good...
  10. buzz88

    WTB Xbox Series S/X controller

    Looking to buy Xbox controller for Series S/X in a good condition. PM me your offers. I also have a PS4 Dualshock controller and a bunch of other items listed for sale here. If you like something, we can do an exchange.
  11. Titokhan

    WTB Xbox One S (Disc variant)

    Below are my requirements: Specifications: Xbox One S (Disc variant) + Wireless controller + Power cord + HDMI cable. Capacity: 500GB/1TB. Expected price: ₹10-12000. Shipping charges: Included (to 734001). Region: Indian preferred, imported will do. Original box, invoice, bundled games: Not...
  12. prd_407

    FS: Consoles XBOX series s controller + panasonic AA charger + duracell AA rechargeable 4 pack

    Had ordered these in this sale from Amazon, along with xbox series s from flipkart. these were delivered, but unfortunately flipkart could not deliver xbox (tldr awful customer service), so this have on use now. Pristine condition, never used, Not willing to negotiate, fair price looking for...
  13. C

    FS: Consoles Xbox series X for SALE

    Xbox series X for sale with one controller. It is an imported piece so has no official warranty available here in India. I will be doing a face-to-face deal only, and will not be shipped at all. The unit was opened for cleaning at that time the power button cable was damaged. Due to this the...
  14. bloomfield295

    FS: Consoles Xbox Series X Controller with Adapter (New/Never Used, Bought a few days back)

    This is a brand new xbox series x controller with the wireless adapter bundle which i have never used. I have the invoice and i will post it soon, i have mentioned no invoice available as of now because i am not posting it right now. Have misplaced it some where but will find it and will post it...
  15. PapaDoom

    FS: Others FS : PowerA Spectra Infinity Xbox Wired Controller

    Product Name: PowerA Spectra Infinity Xbox Wired Controller Expected Price: Rs 3500 Shipping charges: 50/50 between me and buyer Manufacturer page URL:
  16. MarioBros

    FS: Games Brand New Xbox Controllers

    Selling Two Xbox One controllers which was sent by Microsoft as replacement just yesterday. Both Controllers are brand new and not connected to a Console or a PC. 1). Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller - Sport Red Special Edition Price - 5000 2). Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller - Black...
  17. MarioBros

    FS: Consoles Xbox Controllers (Series version)

    Selling two Xbox Series wireless controllers (which comes with Type C port) Works with Xbox One S/X and Xbox Series S/X, PC & Mac. Both controllers 7-8 months old, purchased same day, both perfectly working controller, no drift issues. Price - 4200/- per controller.
  18. M

    WTB xbox pc controller (wired / wireless)

    Please pm if you have one
  19. MarioBros

    FS: Consoles Xbox One X (1TB) - six months MS warranty

    Selling this behalf of a friend. Six months old Xbox One X (1TB), console has another six months of warranty from Microsoft. Console is in excellent condition and also comes with the latest Series S controller which is also in warranty for another four months. I am also including a vertical...
  20. andrew327

    For Sale - Xbox One Wireless Controller - Gears of War 4 Limited Edition [Crimson Red Edition]

    3 days testing warranty. no physical damage cover only controller Item is used and normal wear and tear is visible on the product. This can also be connected to PC via Bluetooth without any additional adapter required. Everything works as it should. Item condition as shown in the picture...