1 Ton split ac which can work in 150 w



i live in Madipakkam, Chennai and I'm in need of a split a/c which can work in 150 volts power. Reason 150 v is the maximum which I receive in our area. Most of the houses have triple booster stabilizer which boosts power even below 120v as a reason they pull all the power which comes. Hence I wanted to know if I buy a 5 star rated ac will it work in 150 -180v power range. Can someone tell me what is the volt requirement for 4 star & 5 star rated 1 ton split a/c.


Hi Sam,

You may enquire about Samsung AC's with in-built stabilizer, which claim to work at as low as 135V.

However, since 150V is the maximum that you get, I suggest you take a separate stabilizer as well alongwith the AC. That way, you'll have more flexibility as far as the choice of AC brand is concerned. For stabilizer, I recommend V-Guard.
Get V Guard VGB 400 Stabilizer which has a working range of 130v~300v and can drive 1ton/1.5ton A/c of any brand. DOnt go for VG400 which has only 170v~270v working range, and I have a hard time with the VG400, as in my area the voltage always hovers around 240~270v and even higher at times.

cost of VG400: 1.8k

VGB400: ~3k
Thanks for your responses. I'll be going to the A/c showrooms this weekend and will keep all your inputs in mind. Thanks again it really helps.
Get the Vguard VEW 500 5KVA stablizer Rs 7500. This solve the problem.

Put up my story of buying this stabilizer.

Last year summer I was in the similar situation as you are, as a matter of fact i live in Chennai (camp road). Every day after 6 Pm there would be low voltage ,worse case the fan moves too slow and sometimes will cease to work and start lights will flicker ,or just glow dim.

The A/C won't work with my stabilizer (min 170 volts needed), decided to change the stabilizer. Googled nothing was fruitful. one day tried to start the A/C with my friends double boost stabilizer which needs min input of 130 or 140 volts .

The A/C would work ( cool the room) only for an hour or two and would work only in early mornings after 4 to 4:30 PM . The A/C unit would be ON but there was no cooling i.e the Compressor won't run.

One evening checked the voltage on many occasions and found out the lowest current received was 120 volts. Headed to an near by electrical shop ( Viram electricals, Selaiyur, Camp road ) and ended up buying a treble booster which works on just 110 volts of power i.e steps up to 220volts . Vguard VEW 500 5KVA stablizer cost Rs.7500. After installation,In my apartment no one had their A/C running except me. It's worth every penny of it.

to my suprise the stablizer works on mere 100 volts of power driving more than 1.5 ton A/C (BTU 20400) unit.

P.S - The circuit breaker for the A/C needs to be higher rated one , I believe it's 25V. just buy the highest one you can find.
Low voltage issue is started in chennai. Do remember when the voltage is low there is a risk of electrical wire being melted for high current draw. If a A/C takes 7.5 A running current at 220v at 120v the stablizer will gulp 13.75A current to boost up 220v. If your wires cant handle the high current load the line will simply melt. I have VWR400 and it simply sucks. It cant able to start the compressor below 150V but can run the A/C upto 130V. Planning to buy local made stabilizer as my electrician told me it will start the compressor from 90V. May be I can buy 120 V A/C from USA and plug directly to our power source LOL.
P.S - The circuit breaker for the A/C needs to be higher rated one , I believe it's 25V. just buy the highest one you can find.


And NO, circuit breaker should not be of a capacity exceeding the current carrying capacity of the wires in any case

Avoiding a fire is much more important than running an AC