1 Week old Audio Technica ATH-M50 Audiophile HPs

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* Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL :

- Audio Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitoring Headphones

- Audio-Technica - Microphones, headphones, wireless microphone systems, noise-cancelling headphones & more : Singapore - English

* Purchase Price : 6800 (Check NOTE)
* Expected Price : 6000 + shipping
* Time of Purchase : 05/03/2011
* Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period : Yes, Full 1 year from PristineNote. Warranty Card included.
* Reason for Sale : Upgrading.

* Purchase Invoice Available : Yes
* Product Condition : New. Has been just a week.
* Product Location : Hyderabad, India.
* Preferred Courier : DTDC Plus, First-flight.
* Shipping Charges : At Actual
* Payment Options : NEFT (Priority), Cash Deposit, eBay Listing(6% extra of original selling price), eBay HDFC/ICICI/CITI 3/6 months EMI (6% + 1.5% extra of original selling price).

* Images :
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I Had Purchased PristineNote HP Stand separately before 5-6 days IIRC from the day I purchased M50 from him, so due to that, received discount of INR 500 from PristineNote while purchasing M50 from him without HP stand (Due to offer of free HP stand). So original purchase price is 6800 instead of 7300.

What will Buyer receive: (Everything that I received)

- ATH-M50 with original Box with Some Manual sort of Page.

- Original Bill and warranty card.

- Carry Pouch.

General Notes:

-> Feel free to ask any question.(however IMO, almost everything is covered)

-> Kind request for no holding, lowballing as well as thread crapping.

-> Price is proper and it is strictly NOT negotiable.

Headphones Sold to Fah33m, iTrust left, Headphones received.
An upgrade to M-50 , is no where near 350$ .

Think before you sell these . Even i sold mine's but now i regret a bit . Cause at times , even having my Fischer Audio FA-002W's , i used to prefer listening a few particular songs on my M-50's . If you haven't given them enough time , i would suggest you to give them a burn-in for some 100-150 hours with just regular electronic / trance / club house music . Rest YMMV .

Mostly, Cans which can provide somewhat better mids and treble then M50. M50 is really "all that bass", However I liked soundstage, but balance was missing IMO.

On top of my head, some of the options would be Denon D2000 or Grado Sr225i.


TY for the input mate, but I do not at all listen to techno, electro or trance. So I was moreover looking for a better balanced soundstage.

Mostly I listen to Indian classical (generally), rock (Mostly), hard-rock(Mostly), prog-rock(Mostly) Country(Generally), Melodic hardcore(sometimes) and indie rock - britrock (sometimes).

So I think only bass oriented Cans won't fulfill my need on fullest.
True , according to ur choice of genere's , bass heavy can's dont suit you , rather choose something that has wide soundstage .

Now this is coming from a grado user , I have owned the Grado SR125 . Recently sold on TE itself . Having comparing all the can's i have owned , i can surely bet that grado's will suit ur requirements utmost !

Denon D2000 - No No , Dont look for this , else u will again find yourself lost in heavy bass thumps .

Grado SR225i - Eyes closed yes !! You will just simply love it . Its indeed one great CAN !! Dont consider grado's to be lacking on bass , rather there bass is somewhat neutral . The tabla thump is purely tabla thump on them . Guitar strings , sound just like it was played in front of you . Go for it !!
^ + 1 . Don't consider the D2000 if you dont like heavy bass :). Grado SR225i is a good choice for you.

BTW , I might pick these M50s for a friend of mine . Will get back to you soon.

Thanks for your valuable input guys.

And Headphones on HOLD for amitjakhar till 10 AM tomorrow.

Next in Line is Fah33m Saar.
Headphones sold to Fah33m, Payment received and Parcel shipped. Tracking number PMed. Awaiting receipt confirmation from fah33m now.
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