100% Original OEM Nokia N73 ME Panels [Unused, Sealed]

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Product: 100% Original OEM Panels for Nokia N73 Music Edition. (Faceplate + Rear Panel)

Condition: Brand New, Sealed. They come in a NOKIA branded Zip Pouch, not pictured here.

Reason for Sale: Lost the phone; so these are useless now.

Price: Rs.500/- * Free Shipping :hap2:

Hi members,

Ok, here’s the story. My friend purchased these OEM panels in the US for his sister’s phone. But before he could come here & use the panels, his sister lost the cell phone! Now, he has come to India & has no use for the panels. So he gave them to me to dispose them off.

He purchased them for US$ 19 (Approx. Rs.850/-).

Front faceplate + Rear panel is available. Never used, sealed.

This is a genuine Nokia OEM panel kit. Not a ‘A+’ or ‘AAA’ Copy that you get on ebay.

Price is reasonable & hence firm. Plus I am providing FREE shipping *.


Shipping within Mumbai = FREE

Shipping within Maharashtra = FREE

Shipping to Rest of India = Rs.50/- ;)

Payment would be via transfer to my Bank Account.

Please do not ask for unreasonable terms as I have nothing to lose if this doesn’t get sold!! :tongue:
swastikrj said:
please hold it for me

ygpm . . . . . . .

On hold for swastikrj..... :)

Others who PMed me, please excuse me as a local member would get first preference..... ;)
jeffrain123 said:
where's the keypad panel?

I never said that the keypad is also available. BTW, you get Original N73 ME keypads for around Rs.350/- in Mumbai. So do u expect me to sell Front + Rear Panels + Keypad in Rs.500/- Lolzzz :rofl:

Almost sold to arjie.....

Awaiting confirmation.....


Deal Confirmed with arjie.....

Awaiting Payment..... Product will be shipped tomorrow.....

Payment received from arjie..... on 14/05/2010.

Item shipped via DTDC & tracking no. provided to buyer on 14/05/2010.

arjie paid me Rs.500/- + Rs.50/- for shipping. But Shipping cost me only Rs.45/- So, I owe him Rs.5/- :ashamed:
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