10th/12th Gen Tiny PCs | Intel i5 12400 CPUs


MCITP 2008
Dell OptiPlex 3090 - 10th Gen barebone
Includes 65W Dell Adapter
Price: Rs. 9000/- barebone ONLY (NO CPU, NO STORAGE, NO RAM)
Warranty: 1 Month Testing Warranty
Quantity available.
CPU if required can be sourced. complete list of CPU Supported on this unit is listed below:


HP Pro Mini 260 G9 - 12th Gen Tiny
CPU: Intel Core i3 1215U
RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz
Storage: 512GB PM9B1 Samsung NVME SSD Gen 4
Power: 90W HP Adapter
Missing: HDD Tray, connector available (not shown in photos)

Price: Rs. 17000/-


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Are you sure? U series are laptop CPUs which don't use a removable socket.

If you watch the following video, in the last part, you can clearly see that the CPU is not replaceable
1215u is a BGA processor .. how is it upgradable?

Are you sure? U series are laptop CPUs which don't use a removable socket.

Sorry guys you are correct, the U series is not upgradeable. I just opened it up and checked.
it's a 15W mobile CPU inside, so lowest power consumption but also non-upgradable.
But this thing is a lot quicker than the previous gen's I've sold.
Hello! Would you be able to source an i5 and an HP? My friend needs something with as many USB ports possible with built in Wifi. The two USB ports upfront along with a USB c is something thathe is looking at. Even if it is an 8th gen or a 9th gen, it is okay. Something that can take DDR 4RAM.
i5 10th gen HP is available, same as the system I sold recently linked here: https://techenclave.com/threads/gar...l-be-added-every-few-days.215187/post-2479081

Normally all tiny's have at max 4 ports in the rear, the HP one has 2 USB A in the front and a USB C as well.

The P330 which is 8th/9th Gen Tiny also has 4 USB A ports in the rear but only 1 USB A and 1 USB C in the font.

WiFi usually is not accompanied but can be added additionally. If you are interested I'll get a quote arranged.
10th Gen Dell 3090 Optiplex barebones available at Rs. 8500/- barebone ONLY (NO CPU, NO STORAGE, NO RAM)
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Any other tiny pc available with nvme gen4 ssd support ? Like m90q 12th gen or p350 @aasimenator
Not yet, but I am getting an HP 12th gen i5 unit which would have a 1235U or similar processor. There is nothing in Lenovo yet, it is very difficult to acquire.
!!New Stock Added!!
HP ProDesk 405 G6 Tiny
Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 Pro 4350GE (As good as 10th Gen Intel)
Storage: 512GB NVME
Warranty: 1 Month
Price: Rs. 20000/-

HP ProDesk 10th Gen Barebone
Warranty: 1 Month
Price: Rs. 9000/-


HP Pro Mini 260 G9 Tiny

Processor: Intel Core i5 1235U (12th Gen)
Storage: 512GB NVME
Warranty: 1 Month
Price: Rs. 25000/-


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