120/144 HZ monitor under 20K

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Hi guys, i would like to buy a 120/144hz monitor under 20K, No ultrawide, 4K or anything else.

I am from Delhi and ready to pay for shipping if any.
Hi Pheonix, try Acer GN246HL - It's a 144 HZ 24 inch monitor priced at 16k.

I know about it, sadly it's Overpriced,

A monitor is something you upgrade once and be done with, this doesn't suit my needs.
-first of all U.S price is 10k, i am paying 6k extra, it's not the case with LG and Benq monitors.
-Lacks height Adjustment, i will have to pay 4k more for a stand
Bro go the prime abgb
Ask for lG24gm 77
144hz etc using that since year
Plus a must display port use ..In that Moniter..It's 19.5k
Cause for 144hz the input lag very near nothing in it .. it's very less u will feel difference once u experience
It's a best bang for money Moniter ...
I have one of my friends who is selling his XL2430T. Let me know if you are interested, I can speak to him.

Spoken to OP, updated him with the pictures on whatsapp. Received the 90% of money. Will be shipping it tomo and share Tracking ID with the OP.

Anyone else looking for a 144Hz monitor can PM me.
Got the monitor is good condition, there were issues, the stand has scuffs/scratches on top, and the monitor had light scuffs here and there but overall it was a good deal.
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