FS: Power Cooling and Modding 120 x 120 x 38 fan - NMB-MAT FBA12G12M1BX

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•Product name: 12V DC Axial fan

•Expected price: Rs 500

•Shipping charges: Included in the price above.

•Manufacturer page URL: Sidewinder Computers

•Specifications: 120x120x38mm, 86.5 CFM @ 2100 RPM, Hydro-wave bearing, 35.5 dBA, 3.36w, 340 mA, 12V DC, 3 pin Molex with tachometer support.

•Description (if any): This fan was used with a TRUE Black 120 heatsink (also for sale) for the CPU of my primary system.

•Reason for Sale: Decided to switch to a LCLC system (Corsair H60 and the likes).

•Product condition: 9 of 10. No physical damages to the fan. Works as advertised. Dusted, brushed and cleaned thoroughly. The fan throws a good amount of air and is silent for such a throw due to the hydro-wave bearing. Please feel free to send back the fan if you aren't satisfied.

•Purchase date: May 2009 from Lynx, Chandigarh.

•Remaining warranty period: NA. Shall give a week's testing warranty.

•Warranty available in: NA.

•Invoice Available: Yes. Please refer the attachment. Original invoice shall be sent with the consignment.

•Shipping from: Surat, GJ

•Shipping to: All over India.

•Preferred courier: DTDC

•Payment options: NEFT to my ICICI savings account.
Shall bundle a black fan guard and 4 retainers (refer attached snap) with the fan. Please read up on on the hydro-wave bearing aspect to know more about the tech. and why fans with these tech. tend to be silent. This is not a regular fan with a ball bearing and thus the asking price.




I was kidding :p Let's take the PM route till I pay and you ship. This looks like 2 mods are spamming in the Market :dead:
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