FS: Tablet 2 Tablets - Ainol Aurora 2 and BSNL Penta 701c at reasonable prices

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The Ainol Aurora 2 tab is a beast. It's running CM10.2 and surprises me with it's performance. Can play any game you throw at it - ANY!
Although, I've noticed it heats up when playing games, never crashes though. It comes with all the bells and whistles of a performance 7" Tab.

Has a scratch guard applied on the display.

Tablet comes with: 1 Charger and a good quality Carrying Case.

Expected Price: Sold

The BSNL Penta Tab 701c was a replacement for my 709c. This is an amazing product for starters or for streaming videos to your TV.

Haven't used this tab at all. It still has all the coverings and plastic intact.


Comes with: 1 Charger, A good quality Penta labelled case and Box.

Local Buyers preferred! Shipping will be extra. Tabs are reasonably priced. Grab them soon. :)
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the aRchiTect!
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Damn that's cheaper tab than the tabs I brought on amazon diwali dhamaka! If only you has posted earlier! Anyways good luck bump!
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