2 x 2GB Transcend Jetram DDR2 800Mhz powerchip ICs

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Date of purchase : 10th March 2008

Warranty : Transcend Lifetime Warranty

Although purchased over two years ago, they have been used for less than a month. I got my Pi Blacks from KMD about a month late, hence was forced to purchase back then.

They have the powerchip ICs which can overclock a fair bit.

Current prices for a 2GB Transcend stick is 2,300 so I guess 3,200 including shipping through DTDC sounds fair for both sticks.

Thanks for your time!

Here are the pictures



Update / 08 July : I checked the sticks and they were bad, they've gone for RMA. I'll update this thread when I get then back.
I'm from Hyderabad. I'll include the bill if you are buying both sticks, else I'll just include a copy if it. Another buyer seems interested in a single stick, so I don't mind selling separately @ 1650 shipped.
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