CPU/Mobo 2nd PC just died - Need advice


It was an ex-office PC and it already had one faulty RAM slot, and now I think the other one also failed. The CPU (Intel i3-6098P) itself is still good, but I gave up trying to find good cheap LGA1151 motherboards four years ago. My sister has been using it as an ordinary everyday PC and it was great at that, so I'm not willing to junk it immediately, but at the same time I don't want to spend too much either. How can I proceed with this? Can I get an LGA1151 motherboard for dirt cheap? Or can I sell this CPU and maybe get a cheap AMD combo? How much would that cost?

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

These days, the best source for reliable hardware for older platforms are branded barebones — most cities have resellers or you could try OLX sellers that have a large following.

For a few thousand you get a motherboard, case, power supply and cpu cooler. It's all proprietary but in my experience these are much robust and reliable compared to enthusiast or consumer hardware.

That said, The i3 6100 usually sells for around 2k on the used market so maybe it's not worth investing more in that platform.
even if you buy zebronics, frontech h110 motherboards, they will probably cost 3-4k.
Corsair 8gb DDR4 costs around 1.8k
you may search for 2nd hand parts locally or on FB marketplace.
or simply build a new setup around Intel i3 12100 or ryzen 5600G