2nos 1GB Transcend DDR2 Ram SODIMM (sealed) & 1 no Netgear USB Wireless Device

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1. 2 nos Trancend JetRam 1 GB DDR2 667MHz SODIMM Brand new sealed
I will sell for 1075/- shipped. Bought these - and these got misplaced for 3 months - could not find them till yesterday! :)
Meanwhile I bought a 2GB stick which is doing duty on my laptop. Hence these are up for sale. These are still in sealed packaging and are for 1075/- all inclusive shipped

2. 1no NetGear USB Dongle WG111 v2 - this one has been lying around for more than a year and I want to sell it of as all my laptops have inbuilt Wireless. Recently tested on Windows 7 and Linux (XBMC on my HTPC) and works perfectly.
This doesnt have the box I am sorry - I have the extension cord and device for sale.
A new one retails for 900/1000+ on ebay and I will ship these for 700/- all inclusive.

Pix attached - please do not lowball



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the price ur quoting for the 667mhz ram is high if you were quoting the price for 800mhz that would be okay.
IT should do a hotspot as well, if the laptop computer already has a network..

it will not connect multiple pcs but will do an ad hoc network
I am interested in purchasing the RAM ..
is it still available.
Please tell me the price for 1GB shipped to Delhi/Noida..
ur Inbox is full ... so cant PM you
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