FS: Storage Hardware 2TB Seagate FreeAgent Goflex Desk USB 3.0 - 2.7 Years Warranty

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For Sale !

  • Expected Price: 6300/-

  • Time of Purchase: Aug 12

  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 2 years 7 months 15 days

  • Reason for Sale: Upgrading to NAS

  • Purchase Invoice Available: : Should be having somewhere. Not required for warranty claims unless buyer absolutely requires it

  • Product Condition: 9.9/10 Even the polythene covering on the hard disk is intact

  • Accessories Included: box, power adapter, conversion adapters, USB 3.0 cable, manual

  • Product Location: Bangalore

  • Preferred Courier: No specific courier/ NeverReachâ„¢ Couriers

  • Shipping Charges: National shipping charges 200. Local 100

  • Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer, Gold Coins.

PLEASE NOTE: Local buyers preferred anytime who can pickup Freebie for buyer if he prefers - The entire 2TB will be loaded with HD movies before shipping


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^^PM replied. Yes the link I gave does not reflect market price. Flipkart price is 7.4K . I have set my price based on that.
Just now found out that it's a repaired drive, it wasn't mentioned anywhere in the thread :-\

There is a label named Seagate Certified Repair.

Need advice @Gannu
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Which implies it is a refurbished drive, returned back to the owner as the replacement drive for RMA. I'll let the OP clear that part.
Posting the same info that I sent the buyer in PM..

I had dropped my original drive and hence RMAd it. I got a brand new drive as replacement but it had the sticker seagate certified repair as it came through RMA centre. This is as informed by the accel RMA centre. You can see that I have sent you an additional set of untouched power adapter + data cable (totally 2) which came along with the new drive and also the polythene sticker covering the drive which is intact proving that it is a new drive.. Hence I didn't mention it as repaired drive.
Also I had been using this drive ~2 months before selling it now.
Just in case anybody has this doubt if I had any intention of hiding this I would have removed the sticker before sending it to you but that it is not the case.
Also note that the warranty status doesn't change by any means.

Please post here if any more info is needed.
You should have at least mentioned this to me once. I did find two sets of cables and adapter, since there were multiple adapters I thought go flex drives come with an extra set. I wasn't sure since I never saw a go flex packing before.

As I had replied, I wouldn't have worried if it was a smaller capacity drive. But the idea of loosing 2TB of data at once scares me.

Please try to find that invoice, frankly I overlooked the invoice part till now, somehow it slipped my mind, so it's my mistake and hence requesting you to check if you still have it.
I would have definitely posted in this thread if it was indeed a repaired drive. As it was not and a brand new replacement I didn't feel the need. Give me a day I will search for the bill , scan it and send it to you.

Go flex comes with different "power plugs" to suit different(country based) power sockets but does not come with two "power adapters" and two "USB 3.0" cables :)
#buBleZ ...Although what you are saying is correct from your perspective:
A drive marked as 'certified reparied' is by no means a new one but a repaired drive; it may not be ur dive which is repaired but its from a stock of refurbished drives.
You can correct me if I am wrong.

And Though I still stink its a sweet deal to get a extra set of cables and adapter which are worth 300-400 bucks easily. And also bill really doesn't matter as all replacements are done with serial numbers
Vercetti, What you said is right in most cases which is typical as well and I have gone through RMA for hardisks myself multiple times. But in this case I was lucky to get a new replacement as was confirmed to me as well by the Accel RMA people. I have no way to verify that they said was right. But I had to convince myself when it was sealed with all plastic covering at the RMA center with new accessories in a box which itself was sealed by the RMA center.

A drive marked as 'certified reparied' is by no means a new one but a repaired drive; it may not be ur dive which is repaired but its from a stock of refurbished drives.
You can correct me if I am wrong.
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