FS: Others 2x $25 Amazon.com Gift Card - Updated 13-May-2014

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Selling 1x $25 Amazon.com Gift Card Code

Terms of Sale:

  • Quantity Available: 1
  • Value: $25 Per GC Code (Direct value as per today's $ rate, Rs. 1500 approx)
  • Expected Price: 1250 Rs Per Code (bank transfer)
  • You can add this code to your amazon.com account.
  • Valid only on purchases on amazon.com (not .in or any other country amazon)
  • GC Balance in the amazon account never expires once it is added.
  • Can be used on anything bought from amazon.com (not limited to shipped and sold by them).
  • GC Code will be sent only through PM on TE.
  • I would recommend applying code immediately to your account after you receive it.
  • I have already discounted it so please don't ask for more discount.
  • If I am dealing for the first time with you, I will wait for the amount to show up in my account before I give you the GC Code. Please understand this.
  • All communication will happen on TE conversations / PM only so there is a record at a place where the mods/admins can view them if in worst case some dispute arises in future.
  • If you are doing a NEFT transfer on a Saturday or so, there is a good chance the money will not show up in my account till Monday morning/noon and i will only give the GC after the money shows up in my account, so please do consider this.

Any questions, please mention it here.

@Gannu @Renegade @Crazy_Eddy @6pack

Mods/Admins i cannot provide 2 Pics as it is a Gift Card Code (not even physical GC). Let me know if this is not allowed. But i know there was a thread recently about selling Flipkart discount code so i guess this should be ok.
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From where do you get these? Interested in a $60 card if u can find it :)
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@raksrules Interested again :) But want around $100-150 if you have ... let me know. Thanks

You see from where I get I cash out always max $25 and not over so together you won't get $100 and also I have to sell them or redeem immediately after I get. The only option for you is to buy in these $25 installments and collate them in your amazon.com account.
Also there is no guarantee that I will get more in future but I will sell if I do get more. So beware about this and want to make it clear beforehand.
Just an FYI to people who are posting here and also sending me PM. I have got interest from couple of people who haven't posted here so I will be giving priority in terms of who posted / PMed first.
So please understand that. Also to exchange itrader ratings should the buyer have posted in this thread also?

Asking because I have sold couple of them to people who just PMed me and not posted here.

Just FYI to others to be fair. I have already sold couple of GCs to @Vasishta.Sushant before this one and he did say me before only that if i get more i should contact him first. I did that in morning before i put it up on sale here. So he gets first priority. Just want to keep everything transparent with fellow members.
I need to get some stuff of around 160USD in amazon. but this is exp for me. :(. otherwise would have taken.
Oh yea. Sorry. How much for 160USD worth cards? I can stack the cards r8?

Yes you can. Check my signature here. I have $678 in my amazon account stored which never expires.
Also I don't have $160 worth of GCs and I do not hoard and keep them and get them in $25 installments only so getting together $160 will not be possible.
Cool. How much for 160USD. Please send via PM.

P.S.. Yesterday bought something worth 500USD. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
I get one $25 and put In sale and I avoid to not use or sell immediately. Hence I too suggest whoever buys that he redeems the GC Code in his account immediately.
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