WTB 3070 or 2080ti with warranty.


Hi Guys,
I am looking for a used 3070 or 3070Ti with 1 year+ or 2080Ti with atleast 6 months warranty. Brand preference is Asus and MSI. My location is Lucknow, UP. PM me your offers.
Hi Guys, Bumping my old thread.

I am still looking for a used 3070 Ti/ 3070/ 3060 Ti (in order of preference) with a warranty of 1.5 year, at least. Brand and model preferences are Asus Rog Strix series, MSI Supirim X series, Gigabyte Aorus Series. Shipping location is Lucknow, UP. Please PM me your offers.
might be slightly out of your budget.. but my friend is looking to sell a Asus Noctua Edition 3080 for 48k, lemme know if interested.. its only about 6-8 months i think.. bill/box everything is available.
@smAsh I've a 2080ti EVGA card parted out from an unused Pre-built if that interests you
No buddy. Thanks for the offer but not interested in 2080ti right now. Only looking for above mentioned cards with warranty.

Guys, I am still looking for a decent gpu. Please send me some offers..