FS: Storage Hardware 4 nos. 2 TB internal hard drives EDIT: One WD 2 TB left

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•Product name: 2 TB hard drives (Seagate, WD)

•Expected prices:

1. WD 2TB with 13 months warranty remaining - Rs. 4500 SOLD Edit: Returned due to bad sectors and sent for RMA.

WD 2 TB 20EADS (sealed replacement unit) - Rs. 4400

2. Seagate 2 TB (certified repaired) with 2 months warranty remaining - Rs. 380o SOLD

3. Seagate 2 TB with ~4 months warranty remaining - Rs. 4000 SOLD

4. Seagate 2 TB with 3 months warranty remaining - Rs. 3700 SOLD

•Shipping charges: Included in the price above (shipping charges approx. 200-250 Rs. via DTDC).

•Manufacturer page URL: NA

•Specifications: 2 TB, 5400 rpm drives.

•Description: The hard drives were used as backup drives for all the content I have on my main system. They are filled to the brim with the content. Buyers will receive the drives as is, contents will not be erased. Do not have the time to mess around with them. Drives are packed ready for dispatch.

•Reason for Sale: Do not need them anymore.

•Product condition: No bad sectors reported on any of the drives, tested using HD Tune. Refer screencaps below. No physical damage to the drives or the SATA/power connectors.

•Purchase date: Varies.

•Remaining warranty period:

1. WD 2TB - 13 months warranty remaining.

WD 2TB - 12 months warranty remaining for the WD replacement drive.

2. Seagate 2 TB (certified repaired) - 2 months warranty remaining

3. Seagate 2 TB - ~4 months warranty remaining.

4. Seagate 2 TB - 3 months warranty remaining.

•Warranty available in: India

•Invoice Available: May have the invoices for the Seagate drives - need to reconfirm. Bills/invoices are not required for claiming warranty.

•Original Packaging Available: Anti-static wrapping is available. Drives will be shipped properly.

•Shipping from: Surat, GJ

•Shipping to: All over India.

•Preferred courier: DTDC

•Payment options: NEFT to my ICICI savings account.

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Replied. WD drive is on hold for manucitc. Once the amount is transferred, it will be shipped.
Verified the credit for the Seagate drive. Shall be dispatching it today positively.
all the hdtune screenshots are the same o_O

I have mentioned this at the end of the first post if you cared to read:

The drives were tested using a Seagate GoFlex USB to SATA adapter using my laptop. Those screenshots are indeed legit!

Besides, the elapsed time is different for all the 3 drives.
No. The certified repaired drive is yet to be. The WD drive is as good as sold. Got 2 takers for it already.
@gambler has deposited the amount. Verified the credit. Both the drives will be shipped today evening.

Is the 2TB WD available?? Inline if yes.

Nope. All the drives on sale are sold.

I may have a 2 TB WD drive from my main system for sale shortly. The contents will be transferred to other drives. Shall put it up for sale later. Keep an eye on the thread.
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