500 gb Hard Drive and Xigmatek 120mm Blue Led fan for sale

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Hi nee to get rid of 5 xigmatek fans blue led fans which i had ordered from mediahome . Goti it just 2 days back but as my friend is coming from singapoe once again in few days time have ordered the GELID Wing 12 fans :bleh: so these fan are no use to me now.. so wanna sell this off quickly.. and also have a Dead 7200.11 hdd which is underwarranty till Nov 12 . The hdd is not gettign detected but dont have time where i can go to segate service centre and get it replaced . Anyone who wans to purchase it can replace it and can get a new 7200.12 in return . screenshot attached for the warranty details .

7200.11 500 GB : 1200 Shipped
Xigmatek 1 fan : 380 Shipped
Buy All 5 Fan : 1750 Shipped

Please dont low ball as the hdd price and fan price kept is just too low.. These fans are being sold for liek 450 bucks plus shipping .. i giving u way too low price...

Hey.. coming to dardar wont be possible office..only on sunday can come... Dominator 2 fans on Hold . 2 fans Still left to be sold.

Payment Awaiting from Redx for hdd , Ganesh 2218 for 1 fan and Dominator 2 fans.
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