6 X Screenguard for Motorola Photon.

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I bought a pack of 10 screenguards with one of my Photon. I gave two each with my two Photon to the buyers for free. Left with six. These are new, unopened, generic scrren guards. See the pictures for details.

Asking price: Rs. 100 for each.

Shipping: Rs 25 by speed post to a single address (If anyone buy one - he will pay Rs 25, but if he buys multiple item, he will still pay Rs. 25)

Five sold.

Only one remaining.

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2 delivered to skumar9988.

Bump for rest of the three.

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2 sold and shipped to Dex@ter.

Only one remaining.
^^Sorry all sold and delivered except the two paid by dex@ter. The package is returned back to me by Speedppost for insufficient address. Will ship by DTDC tomorrow.
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