6600 AGP, TV Tuners, LAN Card, 1gb DDR RAM, SEMPRON 2800+

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1, BIG NVIDIA 6600 AGP 8x card (256MB DDR2)
It has a fin on the fan broken when bought from Olafciv of TE on 20 Apr 2010
Works Perfectly.
Price: Rs.400.00 shipped
Sold to adityamunshi

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2, HAPPAUGE WinTV-PVR-150 (PCI Tv Tuner Card Only)
Bought new from TE on Jul 2009
Works Perfectly.
Price: Rs.525.00 shipped Sold to siril_k

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3, TECH-COM Lan Card 32 bit PCi 10/100bps
Bought new on May 2010
Works Perfectly.
Price: Rs.125.00 shipped

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4, 1Gb DDR PC-400 RAM
Works Perfectly.
Price: Rs.600.00 shipped Sold to Samkong

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5, AMD SEMPRON 2800+ (with heatsink fan)
Works Perfectly.
Price: Rs.600.00 shipped

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6, TECH-COM LAPTOP TV TUNER SSD-TV-813 (with remote and all cables)
Works Perfectly.
Price: Rs.600.00 shipped Sold to justaguy

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All the above items are in good working condition but without bill or warranty, anyhow I will provide a 3 days testing warranty.
adityamunshi, skumar9988 and Samkong pls check PM for Bank details.

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Any of our mates interested in a complete System (Phenom II 555 (stable 4 cores), MSI 785G-E53, XFX HD4670 1Gb, Kingston 2Gb DDR3, Cooler Master TX3, AverTV Super 009), PM me.
skumar9988 and Samkong if u are not making the payment within saturday 25/09/10 then i will have to pass on this offer to other TE mates who are in line.
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