780g motherboard + phenom 9550 + pi black kit + 8600gt + CM Elite Cabby + Sunbeam CCF

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1.AMD Phenom 9550 2.2ghz + Gigabyte GAMA78GM S2H + Gskill Pi black 2x2gb @ 4-4-4-12..
About 2 years of warranty remaining on mobo and proc.. and rams have been purchased on 10-8-09... all accessories and box available for mobo and ram.
proc and heat sink is with me.. threw the box..
current market value :- 6k +4.2k + 5.4k = 15.6k...
Price :-
Mobo :- SOLD to slash84
Processor :- SOLD to slash84
Ram :- SOLD to Supra

Reason for sale :- Got Core i5 750 + ASUS P7P55D + Gskill Ripjaws 1600mhz DDR3.

2. Sunbeam core contact freezer 120mm CPU cooler..
not even two months old works like a charm..
all accessories except TIM are available
Current market price :- 2.6k
price:-SOLD to Wolfdale for 2k..
Reason for sale :- Doesn't support LGA 1156, so got CM Hyper 212 PLUS..

3. XFX 8600GT 256 mb ddr3..
warranty till may 2010/-.
had been recently replaced by rashi with a new one.
Hardly used, had it for backup purposes..
Current Market Price :- around 3k
Price:- SOLD to arjpillai for 1.9k
Reason for Sale :- Have a 4870..

4. Cooler master Elite 330.
Around 6 months old..
No scratches anywhere.. looks brand new.
have self modded its side panel and attached a acrylic sheet to it.. very tough.. stock cooler master rare panel 120mm fan will be provided.
looks good. dont judge w.r.t the dust in the front mesh.. will be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and then only handed over.
current market price :- 2.2k w/0 acrylic side panel window.
price:- 2know 1.7k with acrylic side panel window..
Reason for sale :- got the sexiest cabby. Silverstone Raven RV01 from anks.

Wont be shipping any of these stuff as my exams are near .. and NO EBAY LISTING Available.. i have had a bad experience with Ebay..
Scritctly no Low ballling..
People keep your suggestions through PM only..
All things have to be collected from my residence @ Thane for Local Buyers.
No personal warranty or refunds offered.

AND Products willl be shipped now except Cabinet..



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^^ all pm's replied to...

for guys wanting the mobo or the proc seperately pm me with offers..

might sell them off seperately.. but MOBO and proc has to be sold first before rams go..


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If you can give me the proc+mobo shipped for 6k then you have yourself a deal and you can send me your bank details.


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Motherboard and Processor sold to slash84 @ 6.5k
Payment has been made by him.. yet to be credited to my account.
Product will be shipped on monday.
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