8800GT+ some other stuff

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For sale:-

[1] Nvidia 8800GT --SOLD

[2] Coolermaster 120 MM BLUE LED Fan -- Rs. 350+Shipping

Number of pieces - 1

Condition - Brand New Unused 10/10 (new ones come for Rs.450)

Reason for sale - Came with my USP 100 Cabinet and I hate LED fans.

Trade - Fan Dust Filters for 120 MM fans x 5 (5 pieces)---Something that looks like this :-

[3] Dell DVI-D Cables - Rs.150 (each) + shipping (1 SOLD -- 1 AVAILABLE)

Number of pieces - 2

Reason for sale - Not needed and these unused sealed cables are lying around.

Condition - 10/10

[4] 2.5' to 3.5" IDE converter - Rs.150 +shipping

Number of pieces - 1

Reason for sale - Never used and has been lying around.

Condition - 10/10 sealed pack, never used

The 8800 GT listed here developed texture corruption issues and has been sent for RMA(It will be re-listed here after two weeks)

The Corsair 4gb kit is no more on sale.
will take the ide to 3.5 inch converter. are you in AHm.

will take the card to if its negotiable. bought better cards for much less lately.

PM me
interested in the card but its price is quite high, bought 9800gt for 3.7k (with warranty) few months back :)
^^^ Bump with the price drop for the 8800gt--negotiable rates but only use the PM route.
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