8gb micro sd class 6

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want to buy new or used micro sd 8gb class 6

want it asap

sellers plz contact me via pm

local sellers preffered
dont think class 6 cards are avaible easily .. and even if they r they are very expensive and the transfer speeds dont make a huge diff for an average user .
i have the i5700

and experimenting to put backups of the data and system files onto a ext2 partition on the memo card

hence i need as much power as i can get ..... in budget tht is :p
the last I checked Transcend 8gb class 6 was costing around 1200 shipped on Ebay.com not GEB.
But then didnt wanna spend another grand so exchnaged my 16gb class2 from a fellow TE member for 8gb class 6 without money.
i know tht it is difficult , but all i have to do is bump a thread :p

its just tht class 4 and class 6 will actually show a difference for me
ok ill change my word from " difficult " to "impossible " to find in india .. when i had an hd2in dec 09 i searched for 2 months and couldnt find one.. the ones selling on ebay.com and other sites looked fake to me then so never took the risk to get it .
Ok...here u gt ....I have a Transcend 8GB Class 6 MicroSDHC card card along with the adapter. Can let it go for 1k shipped only if u can confirm payment before 11-30pm if you are interested.
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