8GB Pen Drive and ADSL Broadband Modem

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SanDisk® Cruzer® Blade™ USB Flash Drive -----8GB

4months old, Includes the Bill.
Perfectly working.


Rs. 500 (includes courier charges)

Sorry for the crappy pics, will upload good one later


Zyxel ADSL Broadband Modem --- SOLD

Can be used with Airtel, BSNL broadband services.

Modem is 8 months old, Perfectly working. also includes original Power Adapter.

selling this because i got a new wireless Modem/Router


Rs. 600 (includes courier charges.

Can give 3 days testing warranty on both products
horoscope - u mention the modem is available and 8 months old..

do you have Bill and Warranty ..?

Pls check PM I have sent my price....
@babhishek.. yes it is available with Bill.. check PM

@Klick... will PM the tracking number once i go home buddy..

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Modem on HOLD for babhishek

awaiting payment
will send it tomm buddy, today was too late from off.. morning ill send it and PM u..

dont know if i have received the money or not, have to check.
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