altec lansing vs4121

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ready to pay a good amount for a good pair of black 1s , as in they should b in perfect condition , like new
lol , these are very good speakers

u must be comparing them to some even better set of speakers ,.... like my frnd has a z5500 , he hated them :p , but i have creative inspire 2.1 [which are for sale ] and these sounded awesome to me..
I think creative 2.1 is much better than this...A creative 2.1 and a creative sound card can output a good sound....
i dont like them

i can barely hear wht the prople are saying if im watching a movie

and the best thing ppl say about the inspire 2.1 is its bass , which i think is loud , but if u turn it up it starts giving those weird vibration sounds [krrr krrr type :p]

the 4121 dont have bass prob yet they are also v powerful

and the sound quality is also amazing , only prob i have with it is its midrange , which is low ... but wht more can i ask of a 2.8k worth speakers :p


i am getting nearly new 1s for 2k right next to my house .... i dont think i can get any speakers even close to its performance at this price :p
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