Amazon India Escalation


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Glad you shared it here, I also faced such situation 2 months back when I ordered supplement from them. It was Optimum Nutrition 100% whey 5kg pack but to my shock they delivered me a cheap MuscleBlaze 1 kg tub inside the box. Upon opening the box I noticed that the bill sent to me was correct but the item was wrongly sent. I contacted their customer service and they told me to send the images of the wrong item on mail. I sent them the required mail immediately to which they demanded a turn around time of 3 working days in the name of investigating the issue.. fair I guess.

But then started the journey of what I call Arrogance that big companies like Airtel have shown in past. Not only they don't replied to the mail and when I contacted them for status they simply refused to provide the replacement and instead they insisted on returning the item for complete refund.. fair play, right?

Big No.. The next day delivery guy called my number and asked what was the issue to which I told that I ordered a 10k product but got 2k product instead. He assured me that he will come in the evening and hung up. I waited but no one came.. then he cancelled the pickup on his end. I got curious and called customer service and they insisted on creating another pickup the next day. Similar thing happened next day also in which he cancelled the pickup on his end.

This goes back and forth with lot of arguing between me and dumb guys of customer care for nearly a month. They created some 15 pickup during that duration and no one was coming to pickup the wrong item. I also tried calling the delivery agent many times but they blocked my number. One fine day he thought of picking up my phone because I called him 5-6 times repeatedly. He then said and I quote "Me nahi le sakta isko, aap mujhe amazon walo ki taraf se mail bhijwao pehle" in a rude manner.. but I realised during this whole process that their customer service was a big joke because whenever I asked for an advance refund they always said "Sir, this is an expensive product and we can't do that.."

I gave up the hope and decided never to order anything expensive from Amazon because if you get wrong item by mistake (yeah this can happen in 1 out of 1000 case) then you will be on your own . Meanwhile 2 times they sent the guy and both times he refused upon realising that this is an expensive item (even thought it was only 10k). Luckily 16th time their local delivery team changed their mind and took the wrong item after lot of discussion within themselves. Afterwards getting a refund was smooth and no issue was faced in that.

All this while Customer Care team only offered 1 solution other then creating a new pickup request every time which was to courier back the wrong item to them on my own expense but I decided not to because I didn't trust the company anymore.

This usually happens with every major business in India, once they capture the market their attitude towards the customer change.

I have seen this issue with FK. Raise a dispute and try to get your money back. I did it, got my item back. Of course, you need a good CC as well - AMEX was extremely helpful.