Amazon India lightning deals


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The 256GB ssd asus laptop I linked before is on sale at 19990 now



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The 256GB ssd asus laptop I linked before is on sale at 19990 now



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2x rt-ac86u were selling for 23.5k pre bank discount on amazon last night. excellent signal and feature set with asuswrt merlin
Thanks for your reply buddy. I should have mentioned my budget is 4-5k. Thanks nonetheless!


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Any over ear usb headphones that can be worn for a long time (like gaming headphones)? Don't care much about bass, but the voice should be clear.
Budget: 5k
(Prefer something that usually costs more but is on sale during the big sale)


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LG 22mk600m or Samsung ls22r350 ??

Though I have already ordered Samsung monitor for ₹6500 from Amazon, but I am having second thoughts.

LG has 2 HDMI ports but 6bit+frc, whereas Samsung one is 8bit but 1 hdmi port. Reviews of both are a mixed bag on Amazon but LG seems a little better than Samsung. Seems like LG has better QC! My priority is display color accuracy/quality. HDMI port is not decisive factor for me.

I am planning to cancel Samsung order and buy LG one instead unless Samsung has much superior display to LGs. Any insights?

Use case: I'd be watching lots of videos - some educational, some movies, some series, some youtube and rest reddit, twitter etc.

PrimeABGB has this one for 21k.
Any idea when PrimeABGB might have sale?


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MSI B550M PRO VDH WIFI IS for 11.5k - HDFC offer making it 10.5k

3300x for 13.7k - 10% making it 12.4k


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Looking for a laptop below 30k with SSD good screen...