AMD Athlon 3000+ ASRock Dual SATA2 + 512MB RAM

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Guys looking to sell my old Athlon 64 based setup.

It's an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (Venice) along with a ASRock Dual SATA2 Motherboard (Supports both AGP and PCI-E graphic cards) and 512mb of Hynix RAM (333Mhz).

Looking to sell the whole setup as a combo and not individually :)

Here's a review of the motherboard : [OCWORKBENCH.COM] ASrock 939Dual-SATA2 ULi M1695 Intro 1/6
Here are a few pics of it in action :

*Mumbai buyers preferred.


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I dont mean to lowball, but if you are willing to let it go for 1.5k+shipping then count me in, provided the system is working fine. BTW i am from Karnataka.


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damn! your board looks CLEAN!! how did you do it? looks like its in mint condition.
even with pcb cleaning fluids and iso-propyl alcohol i cant manage anything as good as what you have got here.
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