AMD Athlon X2 5000+ or higher

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Update: Got the CPU. Closing thread.

Location - Trivandrum, Kerala

Hi Guys,

Looking for AMD processors - Athlon X2 5000+ or higher.

None of the newer CPUs (Athlon II X2/3/4 etc) will work - pls see link towards end of my post for details.

I have an old Sempron based download rig - looking to upgrade it for use as a 2nd PC for my sis.

Motherboard is M26GT3-SVP - any decent CPU that runs on the mobo is fine.

If CPU is under warranty, I would need the original bill, HSF and box (to claim warranty). If not available, the CPU can be treated as without warranty (tough to claim warranty without it).

Post/PM me your offers :)

Save your time as well as mine :D check this link to see if the CPU is supported on my mobo.

CPU-Upgrade: Jetway M26GT3-SVP processor support
Hey have a Athlon X2 5000+ and the PRICE...whatever you warranty but will give one from my side for 2 months provided you dont overclock.
thegatekeeper said:
i have amd x2 6000+,pm me if intrested.

Bought the CPU from "thegatekeeper". Smooth deal. Nice packing and quick shipping.

Installed the CPU today - working fine.

Thanks for the smooth deal buddy !! :)

Closing the thread...
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