FS: Processor Amd FX 6300 cpu, 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333hz RAM


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Jul 4, 2017
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Amd Fx 6300:- Rs. 2000/-
Corsair value select 2x4GB ddr3 1333hz RAM:- Rs. 1750/-
Combo price:- Rs. 3500/-
Bought both items along with a motherboard from a guy named Prophet on Erodov for 9k in 2017.
Never overclocked it myself coz I never needed to.
Upgraded to AM4 as the motherboard died a couple of months ago. So cant show any screenshots of the system running but I'll provide 7 days testing warranty.

Will ship item the next day after payment is done as I only get to pack the items at night.

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Adding items to the thread:-
2 x Dvi(24+1) to Hdmi cables. 3 feet long. Brand-AmazonBasics.
Price:- Rs. 150/- each.
1 Dvi to Dvi cable (24+1). 3 feet long. Brand-AmazonBasics.
Price:- Rs. 150/-
Combo price for all 3:- Rs. 400/-
All the cables were bought in late 2019 and were used only for a few days. Have been lying around ever since. There is a little rust on the outside of the dvi to dvi cable but nothing too bad. All work splendidly.
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