AMD Phenom or Athlon II CPU

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I am looking for a AMD Phenom or Athlon II Quad Core CPU for use on a Asus M2N-E Motherboard
May go for a Dual or triple core also if available at a very good price.
Only 3 digit series please as i want to avoid the 4 digit series due to heating problems.

Already upgraded most of my rig bit by bit so thinking of upgrading the CPU also as well:clap:

If available, please PM me the warranty details & shipped price to Bangalore.
(Please confirm that the CPU has not been heavily OCed or lapped).

Can also swap with my existing AMD 4400+ Dual Core Brisbane CPU+ Cash in case somebody is looking to downgrade

Thanks for looking
What is the stock speed of that X2 4400+?
Has it been OCed ever or lapped?
If interested in trade with the following (provided you have a capable mobo too), please do PM me. :)
Stock speed X2 4400+ 2.31 Ghz
Its a Brisbane 65W CPU
Never Oced or lapped

But i would prefer a 3 digit series Processor & not a 4 digit series Processor

If any 3 digit series processor is available, please let me know

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